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What Solo Travelers stand to gain from Travel Insurance plans


Discovering and exploring places on your own is not only an exciting thought but also an adventurous move. If you have already done it, you will probably know the endless benefits of travelling solo. When you decide to move out of your comfort zone all alone, you free yourself to meet new people, make new relations, broaden your horizon, and make new memories. Not only will you eliminate the differences and mess that occurs with co-travelers, but also learn to take yourself as your confidant.

What are the Benefits for Solo Travelers from Travel Insurance Plans?

Talking about the benefits of traveling solo would be like infinite numbers. If you are a solo traveler, you would know that you do enjoy certain additional benefits from travel insurance as compared to the group travelers. Following are the 5 ways solo travelers benefit from individual travel insurance:

Comprehensive Trip Coverage

Majority of the insurance providers offer comprehensive coverage for solo trips for up to 180 days. Whether your solo trip is a short one or a long one, you can enjoy complete coverage of your trip.

Health Coverage

Many people hesitate from going for a solo trip for reasons like being stranded in unknown places in case of health issues. But, with a travel insurance policy, a solo traveler is never alone. Common health covers offered by insurance companies are as follows:

  1. Hospital admittance formalities.
  2. Expenses incurred due to diagnostic tests, surgeries, medicines, etc.
  3. Medical evacuation assistance in case of emergencies.
  4. Transportation costs for reaching a hospital and other medical services.
Trip Interruption Coverage

In case of delays in flights in unknown places, you can contact your insurance provider, and your expenses for immediate needs like food, beverages, toiletries, and clothing are covered.

Trip Cancellation Coverage

Emergencies that lead to trip cancellation cannot be predicted or avoided. In case you had to cancel your trip due to any reason, you need not worry about your lost funds spent for your trip if you are insured with travel insurance plans. You can contact your insurance provider and your charges paid will be refunded in case the reason for trip cancellation is justified.

Loss and Theft Coverage

JIn case your airlines delayed, lost, or mishandled your baggage or your baggage is stolen, your insurance provider will cover your immediate expenses and reimburse your baggage.

Apart from the coverage mentioned above, you can get daily cash allowance, personal accident cover, legal costs, emergency accommodation costs, and much more with individual travel insurance from Bharti AXA. Also, make sure to check out How Late Can I Purchase Travel Insurance? to eliminate the risk of rejection of travel insurance application due to late submission.

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