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What is Senior Citizen Health Insurance and How Crucial is it


Are you someone who dreams of the day you retire, put away your work shoes and put your feet up? Are you approaching your sixties and making plans for your retirement years? As we age, we are more inclined towards medical emergencies and sudden need for medical treatment – many health insurance plans help you cover all possible contingencies.

As per Indian law any resident who is sixty-plus is officially a “senior citizen” and for them having senior citizen health insurance is vital in this fast-paced, polluted unsafe urban environment. The below-mentioned tips will help you understand what to consider when choosing a senior citizen health insurance policy for your loved ones:


It is the first thing you must consider – old people are more prone to sudden health emergencies and hospitalisation as compared to those in their twenties or thirties. A high coverage amount will guarantee all expensive treatments are included in your health insurance. Use an online health insurance calculator to compare which policy suits you best.

Co-pay Clause

Similar to your premium – co-payments are a standard part of most health insurance policies. It is a fixed amount expected to be paid by you for certain services you may need before a situation arises.

Waiting Period

Some policies have a restricted period you are expected to wait before you can avail coverage. Only after the waiting period is over can you become eligible to submit a claim. We advise you seek and choose a plan that has the shortest possible waiting period.

Pre-existing Conditions

Most pre-conditions are not covered by insurance policies – especially in the case of health insurance for senior citizens. Consciously double-check the list of diseases covered by an insurance plan to see if it includes your specific pre-existing disease before you make your final decision.

Network Hospitals

Most insurance companies have approved partner hospitals where you can opt for cashless treatment, and the insurance company will settle the bill with the hospital directly. You also have the option of going the traditional way and pay for the bills yourself which will be reimbursed by the company.

Deductible Clause

It is an amount that you as the policyholder are expected to pay before your coverage comes into play. Keep an eye out for a plan which has the least deductibles.

Regular Checkups

If you or your loved ones require monthly check-ups for specific medical conditions than over a time, it can begin to burn a hole in your saving. An excellent senior citizen policy gives them financial independence in matters of healthcare as the right health insurance policy will cover the expenses for free.

Ambulance Costs

It is essential that your health insurance covers ambulance costs, especially if you have no hospitals near your home. Hospitals charge you depending on things such as the distance covered, medical supplies used, medical attendants involved – most insurance policies will cover these costs but make sure the policy you choose includes ambulance costs.

Tax Benefits

Senior citizen's health insurance premium payments– Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961 are considered tax exemptions.

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