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What Is Personal Accident Cover In Car Insurance?


A Personal Accident cover in car insurance protects the owner-driver against a diverse variety of risks in direct connection with the vehicle insured where the owner-driver receives financial compensation in case of bodily injury or harm as well as injuries leading to temporary or permanent disability to the owner-driver or the nominee gets the entire sum of the insured amount in case of death of the owner-driver succumbing to fatal and severe injuries. It also provides extensive monetary coverage for unfortunate accidents or events occurring while mounting/dismounting from the vehicle insured, travelling in the car as a co-driver, as well as while the vehicle is on the road owing to ongoing repair work.

What is covered in Personal Accident Cover:

A Personal Accident (PA) cover under the insurance policy, as stated above, will include any bodily injuries, death, or permanent disability occurring due to an accident within six calendar months of such injury or death.

Accidental Death:

The insurance company will give lumpsum payment of the insured amount to the pre-determined nominee in case of death of the insured. This nominee is appointed at the time of purchase of the policy.

In case of permanent and partial disabilities, Bharti AXA provides a pre-determined portion of the insured amount depending upon the extent of disability as given below:


Percentage Of Compensation

Loss of two limbs or sight of two eyes or one limb or sight of one eye


Loss of one limb or sight of one eye


Permanent total disablement from injuries other than named above



Types Of Personal Accident Insurance Policy

Personal Accident Insurance Policy can be further divided into two sub-heads

Individual Accident Insurance

This type of policy safeguards the interests of an individual. It provides extensive and comprehensive protection against accidental death, partial or permanent loss of limbs or sights, or other permanent disabilities occurring in case of any untoward accident.

Group Accident Insurance

This personal accident insurance is often purchased by employers to provide extensive monetary coverage to their employees. These policies are enticing incentives for small companies to attract employees to work in their companies. Besides, the cost of obtaining them is low owing to huge discounts offered by insurance companies for huge group sizes, and the resultant benefit of economies of scale.

Key Benefits

Single policy to cover all vehicles insured

The PA cover is mandatory; however, it is now unbundled from motor insurance and is offered as a standalone compulsory personal accident cover. This means you must purchase a standalone personal accident cover initially, and then you don’t have to mandatorily buy additional personal accident cover as part of the motor insurance policy, every time you purchase a vehicle in addition to the existing vehicle. A Standalone Personal accident cover bought once will be valid for all the vehicles and any additional vehicle you may purchase in the future. This leads to curtailing of interest payments and tremendous savings.

Extensive coverage

Earlier the coverage provided was only Rs 1 lakh. Now the coverage is extended to the limit of Rs 15 lakhs. Hence, for a very meagre increase in premium, which, when compared to the many premiums paid on different cars and two-wheelers, turns out to be viable and affordable.

Financial support in case of Permanent Total disability

Permanent total disability may result in substantial financial upheaval as the owner-driver may find it challenging to engage in the previous occupation due to loss of limbs or sight of the eyes. It may also be the case that it totally prevents him from working and engaging in any kind of occupation. Hence, the insured amount of Rs 15 lakhs will enable him to bear the lusty financial blows and foster financial stability in the event of total dismemberment or disablement.

Financial Support in case of Permanent Partial Disability

Permanent Partial disability may result in irrevocable, absolute loss of a part of the body or sensory organ, which may cause him an incidental loss of income. If he loses like one eye or one limb which doesn’t render him completely inoperative, he can file the accidental insurance claim and Bharti AXA will compensate 50% of the loss suffered or will reimburse the entire amount in case of extreme circumstances to help alleviate the financial stress and lessen the financial burden caused by partial disablement or dismemberment.

Compensation to the nominee in case of death

It provides financial security to the surviving members of the deceased. The appointed nominee is provided compensation up to 100% of the sum insured. Hence, with a personal accident cover, the owner-driver can rest assured that the family members or the nominee will be financially taken care of. Also, specific policies cover the educational expenses of the child of the deceased. Hence, buying a personal accident cover is an act of responsibility and accountability.

Reimbursement of medical expenses

Specific personal accident cover policies also cover out-patient medical expenditures or costs of minor injuries caused due to accident. It reimburses expenses incurred due to the treatment of minor wounds or fractures.

A personal accident cover is mandatory, but due to the decreased cost of such a policy owing to its standalone feature, which covers any number of vehicles, it is feasible to opt for add-on or a higher amount that provide adequate financial security to the surviving members of the deceased in case of death or provide fair compensation and financial bandwidth to continue the education of the children of the deceased. 


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