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What Is Not Covered Under A Standard Travel Insurance Plan?


We all love to travel, so it’s no surprise to find plenty of travel-related quotes on the web, like:

“All you need is Love a Passport.”

“Can I simply skip to the part of my life where I travel the world?”

No doubt, actively planning a vacation can deliver doses of pure pleasure before the trip. We make lists of destination-friendly attires to pack and famous places to visit, anticipating the good times ahead.

However, it's no fun to consider things that could go wrong. Your flight to Prague could get postponed, leaving you stuck in Hungary, or your baggage could end up in Phuket while you’re en route to Singapore. In such events, travel insurance acts as a dependable “Samaritan” by taking care of the financial losses arising out of these scenarios.

While you may feel secure when you purchase travel insurance for your next vacation, there are certain things that a standard travel insurance plan does not cover. Below, is a list of few situations where you may not be eligible to get reimbursed.

Situations Of Self-Inflicted Injury/Harm

A standard travel insurance plan does not provide coverage for medical expenses that are incurred while attempting to commit suicide or if the individual meets an accident while driving under the influence of alcohol.

What you can do: Be mindful of the circumstances in which any reckless conduct could make you ineligible for a claim. Resist from rash driving under the influence of alcohol and even otherwise.

Accidents Due To Risky Sports

When on vacation, we like to be daring and want to try out every adventurous sport that the destination has to offer. However, a standard travel insurance policy does not cover any claim resulting from an activity or sport like bungee jumping, parasailing, sky diving or mountaineering, unless it is agreed and mentioned in the policy document.

This applies for injuries arising out of participation in such risky sports as well as any personal financial losses.

What you can do: Before going on your trip, ensure that your travel insurance policy covers any sport or activity you will be engaging in. If not, upgrade to ensure that you are appropriately covered.

Pre-Existing Diseases

Travel insurance coverage does not extend to claims arising out of pre-existing medical conditions. Also, if you are waiting for treatment or results for a medical problem and fail to provide the details of the same to your travel insurance company, your coverage becomes automatically void for any claims arising out of such medical needs.

In most cases, coverage is also not provided for any experimental or unproven treatment.

What you can do: While purchasing your insurance policy, be honest about your pre-existing medical conditions, if any.

Loss Attributable To Insured’s Action

Standard travel insurance policies offer coverage for theft or loss of belongings while travelling. What you may not know is that coverage isn’t provided in case you leave your baggage or belongings unattended or in an unsecured location.

What you can do: Always keep your belongings with you. If you are leaving them in your hotel room, ensure that they are locked away safely.

Illegal Behavior

It goes without saying that using drugs, engaging in any criminal activities or breaking any government prohibition or regulation during your travel will lead to claim rejection.

What you can do: Refrain from engaging in any illegal activity knowingly or unknowingly. Instead, concentrate on enjoying your vacation to the fullest.

Travelling Abroad? Don’t Forget to Insure Your Trip

These are some of the common exclusions of a travel insurance plan. We at Bharti AXA GI ensure a hassle-free travel insurance claim - Our travel insurance policy covers ensures that you experience more coverage without travel-related worries.

Have a safe trip with Bharti AXA GI travel insurance!

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