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What Is ABS In Bikes?


ABS is an acronym for Antilock Braking System. Anti-Lock Braking System is a system that is used for many different types of vehicles such as Aircrafts, Trucks, Cars and even Bikes. This is a system that regulates the motion of the wheels in case of braking. Essentially, it prevents the bike wheels from jamming completely or ‘locking’ whenever the driver uses hard breaks on the road1. This is how it got its name ‘Anti-Lock’. ABS is very crucial for heavy vehicles compared to the light vehicle because of a scientific reason. The heavy vehicles have a greater momentum and that makes it harder for them to stop at a short distance.


How ABS works?

Imagine you having to stop your vehicle immediately and you apply the brakes firmly. While this happens, the brake pads cling to the wheel’s drum and this makes it freeze. The rider loses control over the bike’s movement because of the frozen tyres and bike starts skidding on the road. There is no way that a rider can regulate the extent of brakes and change it as such a situation lasts just for a few seconds. This is why ABS is a game-changer here. ABS regulates the number of wheel rotations while the brakes are applied and it adjusts the pressure of brake fluid to maintain traction and avoid crashes successfully. If ABS wasn’t there the bike would not have been able to stop its motion forward.


Why one should get ABS in bikes?

In many countries, the limit for non ABS vehicles is 125 CC. Similarly, in India, from 1 April 2019, all the vehicles with engine capacity larger than 125 CC need to be sold with ABS only2. The bigger vehicles need to have ABS installed compulsorily. ABS is an extremely scientific and proven invention and it has been accepted by many countries all over the world. So, if you have a heavy bike, you should probably get it installed. Another important factor here is the cost. It increases the cost of a vehicle which is why many companies avoid installing ABS in all their models.


Benefits of ABS3

●     Gives more control to the rider in hard braking

●     Gives a smooth braking experience

●     Reduces the braking distance

●     Keeps the bike in a straight line

●     Prevents the vehicle from skidding or tumbling

●     Allows the wheels to roll with control

●     Prevents the rear wheels from lifting up or doing a stoppie!


The ABS is beneficial for bikes because the front wheel is very important in maintaining control of the bike. ABS helps the rider handle the hard braking scenario safely. It prevents loss of life and loss of vehicle. If it is not there in your vehicle, maybe you should first get a two wheeler insurance online and then definitely get an ABS system installed in your bike.

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