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What Do You Need To Know About Visiting Europe From India


It is interesting to note that Europe finds its way in the wishlist of almost every traveller from India. If you are planning for your first ever trip to Europe from India, you must have a long list of queries in your mind. Here we have prepared a small list of basic things that you must know about visiting Europe.


 You Need Lots Of Time For Planning And Gathering Information

It would be best if you carved out some free time from your busy schedule to research before planning your trip to Europe. If you don’t spend an ample amount of time in gathering information beforehand, your trip might turn out disappointing rather than being rejuvenating. If you are reading this, we can safely assume that you are doing your bit of research already. Keep on getting information about every aspect of your travel plans.

Documents Are Very Important

 There’s no brainer in the fact that documents are crucial when you are going out of not just your state or country but the continent. So, make sure to have every required documents ready well in advance. Check that your passport is valid at least up to 6-months beyond your trip date. If you plan to hire rental cars, be sure have an international driving permit in addition to a valid driving license. Get your Schengen visa . You should keep not only the original documents but also a duplicate copy of them with you.

Europe Is Not All About The Glistening Cities

This takes you back to the first point – if you research well, you’ll come to know that Europe is not all about the big cities we generally hear about. So, when you plan your visit to Europe, don’t limit your itinerary to some of the metro cities only. Several lake towns, seaside villages and Alpine meadows scattered all over Europe are a sort of little paradises that you must not miss to experience.

Acting Local In Foreign Country Will Certainly Help

If you want to take home just one piece of travel advice, then it must be this one. Use the mode of travel used by the locals and eat where the locals eat. This will not only help you squeeze your budget but also give you unique and rich experiences. In fact, this is the best way to experience a place and know it by its soul. It would be best if you can learn some of the commonly used phrases and words of the language used by the locals. If not keep handy any of the best-translating apps in your mobile device.

Travel Insurance Is Always A Life Saver

Don’t forget to invest in Europe travel insurance as soon as your plan to travel is finalized. A good travel insurance covers many things including – trip cancellation, medical expenses, loss of documents or passport, legal expenses, and many more other things. However, be sure to read those fine prints on the insurance document before making a purchase.

If you are planning your travel with your better have some couple travel tips as well. Hope you make many lifetime memories during your trip to Europe!

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