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What are the Benefits of Health Insurance?


With rising medical costs, you need a means to bring down expenses in the event of a medical emergency. Having a health policy that covers you and your family will come to great assistance when you are faced with a sudden medical problem. Anyone from age 18 to 65 can avail it and there is a plan available for every budget.

A basic health insurance policy offers a wide range of benefits that protect you and your family from unexpected medical expenses. This policy will cover for medical treatment expenses, pre and post-hospitalization expenses, room rent, critical illness, domiciliary expenses and day-care procedure. Hence it will bring down medical expenses to a great extent so that your family does not feel the pressure of the situation. You can concentrate on getting better and use money from the policy to curb expenses that have arisen suddenly.

What Is The Benefit Of Cashless Coverage?

One of the key benefits offered by a good health policy is cashless health cover. It enables you to take treatment in any hospital that falls under the insurer’s network but without paying any cash. You don’t have to spend money from your savings account or ask friends or relatives for help. You only have to show your insurance card at the hospital to avail treatment. The insurance company will directly pay them for your treatment expenses.

How To Make A Claim Against Your Policy?

You can easily complete health insurance claims by filling a claims form and submitting it. Documents that support your claim should also be submitted as required by the company. Your claims form will be reviewed and money will be deposited to your account, based on your policy type. For example in a critical illness policy, payment is made 30/60 days after survival of the illness. When you have cashless health insurance cover you don’t have to fill claims form to get money for your medical expenses.

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