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What’s a Trip Cancellation Cover and How Does it come in Handy?


What’s a Trip Cancellation Cover and How Does it come in Handy?

When you plan a trip, you also start thinking of buying a travel insurance cover to ensure a smooth vacation. After all, it is better to protect yourself against any mishaps and always be prepared with a medical cover, especially in a foreign land. Also, it is better to be prepared afaibsrt any damage due to a fire or a burglary back home. But, there’s much more to a Travel Insurance Policy than this.

In fact, an ideal travel insurance policy begins even before your trip does – with a Trip Cancellation Cover.

Here’s how a Trip Cancellation Cover Protect You:

You dream of a perfect holiday - easy bookings, smooth transit, making memories for the years to come. But it all starts seeming a little rocky when you hear an announcement that’s not all that pleasant – your flight has been cancelled due to an emergency. It’s not only sad that you cannot reach your much-awaited travel destination – but there’s all the hard-earned money you need to worry about too! That’s when a Trip Cancellation Cover comes in handy. It takes care of the money you’ve spent on your trip bookings – the flight tickets, hotel accommodation, cruise packages etc.

What does a Trip Cancellation Policy Truly Cover?

Although a Trip Cancellation Cover comes in handy, it’s important to document everything that is insured. Documentation that lists down the reasons for the trip cancellation, the reimbursement amount and any such bills or invoices must be given to the insurance provider.

The Difference between a Delayed or an Interrupted trip and a Cancelled Trip

It’s important that you understand the difference between a delayed or an interrupted trip and a cancelled trip. In case you mistake a delay for a cancellation, you may not be eligible for refunds. In fact, it’s possible to get your trip rescheduled as well. So, instead of panicking, try and get information from the help desk, or call your insurer for any kind of queries.

Apart from trip cancellations due to third-party reasons, another reason for you to not be on your way to your destination could be a medical emergency that affects you directly, your travel companion or a family member. In such a case, it’s necessary to consult the doctor who then officially advises that the trip be cancelled. There are many other reasons beyond your control such as burglary or a fire at home, loss of employment etc that too fall under your Travel Insurance Policy. Make sure you pick a policy that covers everything that is important.

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