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Water Sports In Seychelles


If you love the water and cannot imagine a vacation without being around an unending expanse of blue, soft sandy beaches, gently swaying palm trees and the like, then exotic Seychelles is the perfect choice. It is a popular honeymoon destination and particularly popular with couples. If you and your better half are thinking of where to holiday next then Seychelles is definitely worth considering.

What adds to the lure of this stunning archipelago located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa is a treasure trove of largely unspoilt natural beauty to explore and a wide range of exciting and adrenaline pumping water sporting action.  

Windsurfing – The steady winds and tranquil waters in the Seychelles are perfect for windsurfing which is an adventure water sport that can be enjoyed all year round. There are plenty of great windsurfing spots around Praslin, Mahe and La Digue where you can catch the waves that are ideal for both long and short board surfers. So grab your choice of surfboard and head out to ride the swells.

In case this is your first time surfing or you would like a refresher course, you can take the short lessons that are conducted for all skill-levels by certified trainers, at surf schools on any of the main islands such as Mahe.

Scuba Diving and Snorkelling – There are top class diving spots that are spectacular locations in themselves, not to mention the rich underwater wonders of marine life that you will get to see. There are hundreds of varieties of coral and colourful reef fish, rays, star fish and even reef sharks to name some species that you can spot during your dive. Scuba diving season runs from April to November. For an unforgettable diving experience, try L’ilot, Brissare Rocks and the wreck dives off the coastline of Mahe. While scuba diving requires more skill, training and instructor supervision, snorkelling is a relatively simpler activity yet promises an equally delightful underwater experience.  

Water Skiing – Skim the surface of azure blue waters, feel the cool ocean breeze and the spray of water splash your face as you zip across the ocean behind a motorised boat or water scooter. Water skiing is one of the most popular and exhilarating water sports in the Seychelles that can be enjoyed by everyone as it does not require any specific skill or practice. What really draws visitors to this sport is the real feeling of freedom and thrill that the skier gets while speeding across the open waters. Remember to always play it safe by strapping on your life jacket before you zoom off. Most of the beach resorts will be able to provide the equipment and instructions required for water skiing.        

Fishing – Spending time fishing while in the Seychelles can be relaxing as well as a pretty rewarding water sport, especially once you land a big catch. Fishing and big game fishing in particular is a well developed tourist activity in the Seychelles and all top quality facilities are readily available. Chartered deep sea fishing boats will take you to the right location in the ocean waters where you get an opportunity to hook big exotic fish such as sail fish, marlin and dog-tooth tuna and take a photo that Instagram-worthy shot with your prize catch. November to April is usually the peak season for fishing.    

While holidaying in the Seychelles there are many other fabulous water sports you can try out such as kayaking, canoeing, taking a glass bottomed boat tour and sailing.

Our Seychelles travel guide can tell you more about the other interesting outdoor activities for visitors to the Seychelles, as well as the best time of year to plan your trip and such travel tips. Another important tip while planning and budgeting for your vacation is to buy travel insurance for Seychelles. Travel insurance is a must when travelling overseas and especially to expensive destinations such as Seychelles. It is useful to cover you financially from any loss that could arise during your trip such as an accident while trying out an adventurous water sport or your luggage getting lost or misplaced in transit. You can check out international travel insurance policies online and buy the one that suits your requirements. 

While you are there don’t miss out on experiencing some of the top festivals celebrated in the Seychelles. Festivals on the islands of Seychelles are great fun with a riot of colour, food and music and it gives you a peek into the vibrant local Seychellois and Creole culture.

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