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Watch Out For These Common Mistakes When Buying Health Insurance


While evaluating health insurance policies, one would certainly come across various jargons which could cause confusion. Rather than purchasing an insurance policy by being unsure about certain jargons, it is better to clarify one’s doubts. Here are 10 must know health insurance terms:

Not reading the terms and conditions

You may find the insurance agreement very boring to read. It may contain terms that you do not immediately understand. Still, make sure that you scrutinize it. Find someone who can explain to you the terms that you are unfamiliar with. Use the Internet as well. A few points that you must watch out for include: waiting period, sub-limit clauses, specific treatment clauses, exclusions, and co-payment/ deductible clause.

Picking the policy with the lowest premium

Premium is only one among many factors that determine which policy is best suited for your requirements. Premium, among other things, depends on the extent of the coverage provided. You should make sure that you are adequately covered and the policy will not leave you high and dry when you need it the most. Low premium health insurance plans may prove to be costly if they are unable to cover most of your medical expenses.

Not researching enough

If you find a policy that matches all your requirements, don’t buy it immediately. Make sure that you have looked at what other insurers are offering in the same range. Find out if the hospitals in the insurer’s network include your preferred hospitals. Do not forget to check their claim settlement ratio – if the CSR is low, it indicates that the insurer tends to reject quite a few claims. Buy health insurance only after you have researched the policies available.

Getting inadequate cover

As a rule of thumb, the sum assured should be at least nine times your monthly salary. That said, be objective in determining what your medical costs could be in case of an emergency and get a cover accordingly. Make sure that you have considered your family’s medical history when estimating medical costs.

Withholding medical information

Not disclosing your medical history can result in your claim being rejected. Instead of taking such a big risk, fill in the medical questionnaire to the best of your knowledge and complete any medical tests asked for.

While it may look daunting to choose the right health insurance plan, it will be worth the effort if an emergency strikes. When the situation arises, you certainly don’t want to be in a situation where you have to arrange for a compromise rather than arranging the best possible medical care for your loved ones.

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