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Maruti Wagon R Car Modification Tips


Wagon R has been India’s family car for over a decade now. It is a budget car with good mileage, strong body and great overall performance. If you have had a Wagon R for a long time and you wish to upgrade or modify it, then this article will give you tips and ideas about what you can do to your Wagon R to modify it.


Exterior Modifications:



We can start by using some alloy wheels for the car. Alloy wheels not just provide a bold and sporty look to the car, they also help in improving the grip. There are several different designs available and you can buy them for a range of prices. Door visors are another addition which makes the car look good. Door Visors also help in deflecting rain and wind.


Front Grill:

The standard exterior grill can seem boring to some people. There are a host of front grills of different designs which are available. They come in different shades and colours and you can pick from several different options. A spoiler is a cosmetic addition to the exterior of a car which will give it a sporty look.



Headlights are another thing which can be modified in your Wagon R. You can either opt for fancy LED lights which come in a bunch or for special fog lights if you drive in cold terrain. Headlights of different colours are also available. Taillights are another thing which can be upgraded. Beautiful Taillights can be a big cosmetic upgrade on the standard tail lights that come with the car.



When it comes to Wagon R modifications, people also opt for custom paint jobs depending on their personal preferences. There are hundreds of different choices that can you can pick from depending on what you fancy.


Interior Modifications


Seat Covers:

The most basic Wagon R modification when it comes to the interior of the car is the seat covers. The beige colour can be monotonous and boring for a lot of people and thus it is the most common modification that people opt for. Seat covers are available in different materials (Leather, GS Cotton etc.), different designs and different colours so you are going to have a hoard of different options at your disposal.



Steering Wheel:

Moving on to the steering wheel. You can either go for a simple steering wheel with a cover of your choice, or you can go all in and get a custom made steering wheel which can also be connected to the electrical system and can be used to control the sound system and/or the electrical windows.


Floor Mats:

Floor mats and door sills are another addition which can be made to your Wagon R which will provide a bold and classy look to the interior of your car. Floor mats are available in a range of different designs and the door sills also come in different materials and patterns.


Sound System:

The sound system is something that probably has the highest number of options available. Everyone likes good music and a good sound system is, simply put, cool. There are tons of brands out there and if you are willing to spend, then the sky is the limit.


Interior Kits:

Along with all the above possible Wagon R modifications, people also opt for the Interior kit which is used to surround the AC Vents, door pads and gearbox. These can give a funky/classy/bold look to the interior of your Wagon R depending on you.


We hope that we have helped in clearing your doubts about Wagon R modifications. With so many different options and choices out there, you can turn this simple homely car into whatever you want. 

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