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Types of Health Insurance Policies Cover

Do You Know About The Types Of Health Insurance Policies or Covers

A fast-paced life coupled with a polluted environment has resulted in the rise of major illnesses. This has increased medical expenses and thus having a health insurance is essential. Additionally, it is important to buy a family health insurance to ensure financial stability during medical emergencies.

Select a health insurance that suits your needs and eases your worries. Below are some types of insurance in India to choose from depending on your needs:

Individual Health Insurance

This health plan is said to be the simplest option available in the market. Protect yourself against illnesses  and high medical expenses by opting for an individual health insurance. The plan covers hospitalisations and surgical expenses depending on your cover limit. However, note that the limit depends on the premium you pay.

Cashless Health Insurance

Cashless health insurance is an effective type of health plan which provides a hassle-free experience. While signing the health plan contract, your insurance provider will inform you about the list of hospitals, pharmacies and healthcare professionals that come under your network. When you get yourself treated at any of these network hospitals, file a claim and your medical expenses will be settled by the health provider. In order to avail this service, go through the list of hospitals in your network for your medical treatments.

Family Health Plan

A family health plan is an effective option for your family. The premium may be slightly higher but it ensures a larger coverage. If you want adequate protection for all your family members against high medical costs then opt for a family health plan.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance

Senior citizens are often referred as high-risk individuals. As per Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA), every health insurance company needs to offer coverage to individuals up to 65 years.  Invest in a senior citizen health plan in order to protect your loved ones or yourself from financial burden should a medical emergency arise.  You may compare various health insurance quotes online and may also buy health insurance plan online after selecting the one that suits your needs the best.

Personal Accident Cover

Unfortunate incidents like accidents are followed by heavy medical bills that include hospitalisation, treatments and surgeries. In such moments, a personal accident cover is of great help as it covers hospitalisation and medical costs. Further, this is referred as fixed benefit policy where a specified amount is paid in ill-fated events such as accidents.

Remember to compare various policies and pick what fits your requirements. Shield yourself and your loved ones with a reliable health insurance plan.

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