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Two-Wheeler Insurance Myths


Two-wheeler vehicles are quite popular due to several factors. They are affordable, manoeuvrable, offer fantastic fuel mileage and are convenient to park. The flip side of two-wheelers, however, is that two-wheeler accident statistics are much higher than cars. As per a WHO report - In 2016, of traffic-related deaths, 40% were related to two and three-wheelers. This makes two-wheeler insurance an absolute must for its owners. Recognising this need, the Government has made two-wheeler insurance mandatory. There are several myths surrounding two-wheeler insurance that we will de-mystify with this article. This will enable you to take the right decision when it comes to two-wheeler insurance.

MYTH 1: I can choose whether or not to get Insurance. It is my prerogative. Also, Insurance is only needed for new two-wheelers.

FACT: Two wheeler insurance is legally compulsory and enforced by the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. There are heavy penalties levied on a two-wheeler – new or old, plying on the road without insurance.


MYTH 2: The Compulsory insurance also called Third-party insurance is cheaper, hence, better and all that I need.

FACT: Third Party Insurance is cheaper than the other option which is Comprehensive Insurance for several reasons. Third-Party Insurance only covers the damage or bodily harm caused to the third party in the case of an accident. Your loss by way of vehicle damage or bodily hurt or loss of ability to work is not covered or compensated in any way. So the additional cost of Comprehensive Insurance may be worth the peace of mind it offers.


MYTH 3: Two Wheeler insurance only pays when I am not at fault.

FACT: This is not true. Insurance will pay out the amount covered by the policy and calculated as per the rules, even in cases that you are at fault. A consequence of insurance claims made when you are at fault may be an increase in your premium amount when renewing if you are classified as a risky driver. It is important to note – that cases of drunk driving or driving under any influence of drugs are specifically excluded from Insurance coverage and there is no payout in such cases.




MYTH 4: Once I take two-wheeler insurance – it covers the driver and the pillion rider.

FACT: Two-wheeler insurance covers the vehicle and the driver. To cover and insure the pillion rider an add-on of personal accident cover Insurance needs to be taken. Thereafter the pillion rider may be able to recover expenses incurred in case of bodily injury if an accident happens.


MYTH 5: Insurance taken for my vehicle is the same for Personal use or Commercial use.

FACT: If you use your two-wheeler for commercial purpose, there is separate insurance for the vehicle called ‘passenger carrying vehicle insurance’ or ‘goods carrying vehicle insurance’.


MYTH 6: I cannot change my Insurance Company and if I do so then I will lose the accumulated NCB benefit.

FACT: In fact every time it is time to renew your insurance it is a great idea to compare existing plans across Insurers. You can pick the best one and easily change your insurer.

Secondly, your No Claim Bonus (NCB) is identified with yourself and not your vehicle or the insurance company. It is a testament to your skills as a driver and you carry the benefit of it to a new vehicle or a different insurance company.


MYTH 7: Filing a two-wheeler insurance claim is a tedious and troublesome procedure.

FACT: Claiming insurance in cases of an accident has become a vastly streamlined process. If you visit the recognised network of garages under a Comprehensive policy you can claim cashless repairs. Even if you don't – you can ask for reimbursement of expenses in your claim.


Now with some of these top two-wheeler insurance myths set aside, you can get a suitable policy and drive with peace of mind knowing that you have covered all your bases.



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