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Know the Treatments Covered In Your Health Insurance Plan Under Pre And Post-Hospitalization Expenses


Health insurance provides a much-needed financial backup during hospitalization. But what about the steep costs incurred on consultation and tests before you are hospitalized? Or, the monitoring and follow up expenses incurred after you are discharged? Are they covered? Yes, they are!

Most people think that health insurance offers coverage only for those expenses that are incurred during their stay at the hospital. But, apart from covering the expenses incurred while one is hospitalized, health insurance also covers expenses that are incurred before and after hospitalization. These expenses are commonly termed as pre and post hospitalization expenses. Let’s understand what these expenses are, and which treatments do they cover:

Pre-hospitalization Expenses

When a person falls sick, s/he consults a family doctor and gets relevant tests/investigations done for proper diagnosis. The doctor may at first administer some injections or prescribe certain medications. Despite this treatment, if the health of the patient does not improve, then the doctor advices the patient to get hospitalized for further treatment. Such expenses incurred before hospitalization are referred to as pre-hospitalization expenses.

Note that pre-hospitalization expenses refer to only those medical expenses which are incurred for the same illness for which an individual gets hospitalized later.

Post-hospitalization Expenses

Although a significant part of the treatment is complete during hospitalization, some part may extend beyond hospitalization. This may involve follow-up investigations or follow-up visits to the physician. Such medical expenses are referred to as post-hospitalization expenses.

Post-hospitalization expenses are also called as recuperation expenses. Which means the expenses incurred by the insured person to regain his/her pre-injury or pre-illness conditions.

What is the Time Limit for the Coverage?

Usually, most health insurance plans offer 30 days timeline for pre-hospitalization benefits and 60 days timeline for post-hospitalization benefits.

Therefore, it is imperative to check on the timeline that the health insurance plan offers.

The Claim Process

One can claim both pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses for the same condition. However, a successful claim can be filed only for the specified duration, as mentioned by the insurer.

To make a successful claim, the insured must furnish proof of these expenses to the insurer.

The claim process begins once the required documents are submitted to the insurer. The insurer then checks if these expenses are related to the same condition for which the insured was hospitalized. The acceptance is communicated to the insured after establishing the validity of the claim, and the compensation amount is provided.

By now you must have had a good idea of what pre and post-hospitalization expenses are and the importance of Health insurance. We at Bharti AXA GI provide you a comprehensive health insurance options that understand your health needs.

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