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What are some travel tips for first-time backpackers?


So, you’ve decided to travel the world and seven seas, and you wish to travel light – a sage thing to do – with nothing but your backpack. The catch is, you don’t know what it takes – not in terms of finances – you’ve probably got that covered if you’ve made this decision anyway – but in terms of what are the most basic things you need and some great tips from veteran travellers to make your excursion smooth and enjoyable. First off, get travel insurance , as it’s the most important thing you are going to need, seeing as you are going to travel alone and be indulging in a lot of adventure activities. Apart from that, pay heed to the following travel tips, and you are ready for the time of your life:

  1. Do not pack unnecessary stuff: Since you are going to be carrying just a backpack and probably be doing a lot of hiking, you don’t want to carry a heavy load. No matter how much you try to keep your backpack light, you are going to pack in some unnecessary things. So, start packing early and think carefully about whether you are really going to need all the stuff you are packing, or whether you can obtain some of the stuff locally wherever you are going.
  2. Pack in a pair of good quality earplugs: Being a first-timer with a backpack, and probably on a tight budget, you will have to stay mostly in hostels, where the activities and the loud-talking can really deprive you of some much-needed sleep.
  3. The value of money: Your perception about the value of money may be entirely at odds with the reality; to ensure that you carry cash accordingly, and are never too far from an ATM. Things you think are going to be cheap, in a foreign land can turn out to be really expensive.
  4. Avoid high-tech gadgets: Apart from a GPS-enabled mobile device, you are unlikely to need any other electronic gadgets, and this too will become redundant if there is no internet connectivity where you are going. So, stick to bare essentials, such as a few pairs of clothes and toiletries.
  5. Travel by road or train whenever possible: Air travel is convenient – it saves you a lot of time and makes your journey comfortable – but you will miss out on the brilliant landscapes you will see out of the window when you travel by road, namely in busses or trains.
  6. Learn to pick good travel companions: Along the way, you are going to meet many like-minded travel companions, and you might hitch up with someone or the other. Use your discretion while picking such companions, or you may end up getting bored, at best, or scammed, or worse.
  7. Insurance is a must-have: Don't even consider going on a foreign backpack tour without taking out a travel insurance policy. You’ll be living out of a bag, spending the nights in hostels, sleeping on the floor in airports, eating different types of cuisines, all of which will make you susceptible to falling sick. Backpacker travel insurance is a must-have. Visit Bharti AXA GI online to know more about the offered insurance policy and get the quotes in minutes.

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