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Travel Insurance Myths


Travelling in this fast-paced life has become a necessity. People nowadays are always on the run maybe for work purposes, or it can be even for some rejuvenating vacations to cut-off from the professional aspect of our lives. Well, you must have heard about the saying that goes as, "Protection is better than Cure." The quote is a legend in itself as it applies to any aspect of our lives and no surprises when considering it for travelling. Travel insurance is something which covers our well-being, both mentally and physically, to quite a large extent. As we know, there are always some myths hovering around when there is something to put belief in, and same is the case with travel insurance. So today we are going to address some of these myths associated with travel insurance.


Myth - Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong on the Trip

Fact - The myth addressed here is something that ironically, every traveller has been wrong in understanding. A majority of the regular traveller take it for granted that nothing could possibly go wrong with them while they are on the run. To tell the truth, this isn't true always. It's just because you have been fortunate all this while. It doesn't ensure that you are going to be safe for every future expedition you take into your stride. When travelling these travel insurance assure compensation against a missed flight, passport theft, and sudden illness are some of the fundamental reasons to have travel insurance handy. These travel insurances take care of the unsure and unplanned expenses that arise due to the purposes mentioned above.


Myth - Insurance Can only be Claimed Against a Calamity

Fact - One of the most prevalent myths associated with travel insurance is that collecting claim is an impossible task for a normal human being because of the tangled and complicated after-sales service. Well, this isn't true for every case. Travel insurance has been put into place to ease the life of the travellers for every possible scenario that could arise during the travel period. Travel insurance covers most of the fundamental problems faced by travellers like baggage loss, trip cancellation, medical emergencies, etc.


Myth - Travel Insurance is only for the Adventurous

Fact - There is a general belief that travel insurance is only for the people who are up to some kind adventurous outing like trekking or mountaineering. When you come to think about it, this is true to an extent, but this doesn't mean that the general-purpose travellers shouldn't be insuring their travel journeys. So when you are insuring your travel, you are ensuring that you are ready for any unexpected and unwanted complications that may arise during travelling. Its goes without saying that when you take travel insurance, you are protecting yourself against financial damages due to unforeseen circumstances that could emerge during your sojourn.


Myth - The Airline is going to Take Care of Expenses Incurred to Flight Cancellation/Delay

Fact - Consider the case when you have an important flight to catch which you can't afford to miss or even be late. When you reach the airport, you get informed that due to some unprecedented reason the flight gets cancelled. In this case, most of the airline services as per their airline policy would arrange to put the passengers on the next available flight service. Most of the people miss out on the fact that the airline services are not entitled to provide you reimbursements for the losses incurred by you in this entire process. So the people who have this misconception that the airline is going to be the sponsor for the next flight you undertake, be aware of any of this possible situation. These are the best scenarios to understand the value of procuring travel insurance cause they cover you of all these untowardly expenses.


All the Travel Insurances are the same 

Most of the companies associated with this business, provide a broad spectrum of choices to choose from, according to likeability. Most of the travel insurances try catering to all the different age groups, covering various worldwide destinations etc. to provide the best option to their customers. Before taking travel insurance look for all the clauses and conditions mentioned in the policy to secure the most viable option for yourself and have a safe and care-free journey.


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