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Travel Destinations where Indian Currency is of a High Value


A popular joke doing the rounds of the internet says that Indian travelers to the United States are well versed in the multiplication table of 71 (the current USD to INR value). The story isn’t different while visiting other popular destinations in Europe, Middle East and South East Asia.

While a weak currency has its benefits (More competitive exports, for one!), it definitely hurts outbound travelers as budgets can go awry.

However, the weak Indian rupee need not always be cause for despair. There are many countries around the world where the avid traveler will get wads of cash after converting the Indian rupee to local currency.

Before we go on to list the countries, it is important to note that even though your purchasing power will be high making food and hotel accommodations cheaper, medical expenses could be very high if you are unlucky enough to fall sick. Which is why it is important to have a good travel insurance polic y from reliable players such as Bharti AXA to protect you from emergencies such as loss/theft of passport, hospitalizations, etc.

So, here are the countries where Indians will have a lot of purchasing power:

1. Laos

Laos is a friendly, laid-back country in South East Asia where you can get away from the tourist traps in better explored neighboring countries like Thailand and Vietnam. Chief Attractions include the capital Vientiane (where you can see French influences in architecture and food and explore multiple Buddhist pagodas) and the erstwhile royal capital at LuangPrabang.

The official currency of Laos is the Laotian Kip and 1 INR can fetch you around 120 Kips.

2. Cambodia

Next door to Laos, the country of Cambodia packs quite a punch when it comes to tourism despite its small size. Here you can explore the magnificent ancient Khmer Empire temple at Angkor Wat, shop in the night markets at Siem Reap, visit the dense tropical forests at Cardamom mountain or party on the tropical beachesat Sihanoukville.

The official currency of Cambodia is the Cabodian Riel and 1 INR can fetch you around 56 Riels.

3. Nepal

Our next door Himalayan neighbor offers a range of exciting experiences for travelers of all hues. Those with a religious bent of mind can explore the temples of Pashupatinath in Kathmandu or the birth place of The Buddha in Lumbini ; wildlife enthusiasts can try spotting tigers and the one horned rhino in the Royal Chitwan National Park while the adventurous can trek in the regions surrounding the great peaks of Everest and Annapoorna.

One Indian Rupee can fetch you 1.6 Nepalese Rupees

4. Sri Lanka

The Emerald Island at the South Eastern Tip of India is a favorite of travelers from around the world for its beaches (UnaWatuna and Bentota), mountainous retreats (NuwaraEliya), elephant rehabilitation centre at Pinnawala and the UNESCO world heritage site at Sigiriya.

The Official currency is the Sri Lankan Rupee and 1 INR fetches you 2.55 Sri Lankan Rupees.

5. Indonesia

With over 13000 islands, the options are endless in Indonesia. You can party on the beaches in Bali, visit ancient temples at Borobudur, play with Orangutans and explore tropical rainforests in Borneo and gape in awe at the ferocious Komodo dragons on the island of Komodo.

The official currency is the Indonesian Rupiah and 1 Rupee can fetch you almost 200 Rupiahs

So don’t let the weakness of the rupee come in the way of exploring the world. Pack your bags and jet set go!

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