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Top Festivals To Visit In New Zealand


New Zealand is a country known for their culture, heritage and customs. Festivals in New Zealand are not religious in nature, they are more in line with celebrating their history, traditions and ancestors who explored this land and  their past.

Here are the most popular festivals of New Zealand which one must be a part of on their trip.



Matariki is the new years of the Maori (Indigenous people of New Zealand). One of the most important days in the New Zealand calendar.  Traditionally celebrated in winters- in the months of June or July, it is coming together of a cluster of stars which marks the end of the old lunar year and the beginning of the new year.

People come together and remember their ancestors and their past while also celebrating the start of their new lives. You can experience nationwide festivities which include cultural performances, kite flying, parades around the city and fireworks.

You can also experience concerts, art exhibitions and cultural events held by local communities to get a better understanding on the true New Zealand culture. 


Kawhia Kai Festival

The Kawhia Kai festival, held in February has a strong focus on the Maori culture, celebrating their food and traditions. Kawhia, a coastal town in the northern island of New Zealand is the home of the tribe and locals transform this coastal town into a food court with traditional Maori food.

You can indulge in some authentic, traditional sea food and local maori delicacies , see local artists creating traditional Maori artefacts- Flax Weaving, Wooden Craving and tattoo arts or be a part of the traditional haka performances.

This festival is amongst the best tourist experiences of New Zealand which attracts thousands of tourists a year. So you should definitely consider planning your trip around this time and be a part of this festival.


Waitangi Day

Celebrated on 6th February, Waitangi day is the national day of New Zealand celebrating the partnership between the Maori people and the crown. For the New Zealanders, Waitangi day is a day with family. Picnics on beaches and parks are how majority people spend their day. You can also experience local foods, traditional haka, live music and entertainment at any public park around New Zealand.

If you are in Auckland, make sure you visit the iconic Auckland Harbour bridge to see it lit up with 90000 Led bulbs with Maori imagery and sound.

However Waitangi Day celebrations happen all across New Zealand in a similar fashion.


The New Zealand Festival

One of the largest and longest running multi-art festival around the world, the New Zealand festival runs for a 3 week duration beginning in February and going up until March. All genre known to performing arts is a part of this festival encompassing everything from traditional to contemporary forms.

You can experience performances of Comedy, music, circus, puppetry, cabaret all over Wellington


While you might want to plan your trip to enjoy these festivals, It is important you stay vigilant at all timese and guard your personal belongings in crowded public places. Keep your passport, New Zealand Visa and other documents handy in case a need arises. Also before traveling, opt for a travel insurance which will keep you protected from any mishaps so that you and your family can enjoy a happy, worry free trip to New Zealand

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