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Top Festivals To Visit In Germany


There are many stereotypes associated with Germans. For example, it is believed that they are the least fun people on this planet. And let us tell you that it isn’t true at all. Germans are fun-loving people and their festivals are a testimony of that. No matter what festival you want to see, you can find it here.

However, the sheer volume of choice is a bit much to take in, so to help cut through the noise, here are top 3 festivals of Germany.


Oktoberfest, which is also known as the beer festival is the most famous of all traditional German festivals.  This festival starts around mid-September and goes on till early October. It is the largest folk festival in the world and attracts around 7 millions of people who drink about 8 million liters of beer. You can find hundreds of large tents with gallons of beer provided by renowned Munich breweries.

This festival also has colorful parades, traditional Bavarian folk dance, concerts, accordion competitions, craft and ware vendors, etc. that make it an enormously fun festival for your entire family. If you are planning to visit Oktoberfest then consider going on weekdays like locals as it is packed on the weekends.

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Berlinale Film Festival 

Every February, Berlinale showcases over 400 films of various genres and lengths at Berlin Film festival. It is one of the largest festivals in the world and is accessible for people outside of the film industry.

Even the tickets are priced around Rs 900-1100, a steal compared to other film festivals such as Cannes.  If you are a movie junkie and have always imagined visiting a film festival, then don't let this opportunity slip out of your hand. You can buy your tickets 3-4 days in advance or on the same day. Additionally, if your luck favors you, you might be able to catch a glimpse of your favorite celebrity.



Carnival (Karneval) in Germany is like a massive costume party which lasts for almost 6 days in the month of February. If you are visiting carnival then make sure that you watch the most hyped attraction of this festival, Rose Monday Parade, with marching bands, dancers, and decorated floats parading down the streets across Germany. You can also expect lots of traditional music and dance throughout the day followed by parties in the night. If you really want to enjoy this festival, then dress up in a wacky costume and join the locals down the streets.

German festivals are an amazing chance for you to immerse yourself in the warmest and most fun-loving parts of Germany. Now that you know about top festivals you can start enquiring about the Germany visa requirements and Germany travel insurance. Securing travel insurance is a must for Germany, so before you go for your visa appointment, buy one from a well-known travel insurance company like Bharti AXA GI.

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