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Top 5 Tips To Not Enter The “Bad Bike Rider” Category


Riding a bike gives a feeling of freedom and is an exhilarating experience. Although if you spend more time as a bike rider within the city, you probably think of your bike as a great convenience rather than a thrill machine!

Particularly in bumper-to-bumper traffic, on congested roads, and in narrow crowded lanes, being on a bike has its advantages. If you are on a bike it is easy to find the gaps and weave your way out of traffic. Reaching one’s destination is much faster on a bike rather than being in a car. But as a rider one must avoid taking short cuts and ride carefully.

Here are the top 5 tips you should follow when you are on your bike, so as not to fall into the category of “bad riders”.

Top 5 Bike Tips To Not Enter the “Bad Rider” Category:

  1. Wear protective biking gear – Safety is a responsibility you owe to yourself and your loved ones. Whether the ride is short or long, do not compromise. Make it a habit to always wear a helmet before getting on to your bike. Invest in a good quality helmet that meets Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) norms.
  2. Abide by traffic rules – To ride in the maddening city traffic, can be stressful. However a good rider must always stay calm and act responsibly at all times. Do not give in to your emotions. Be alert and follow the traffic lights, respect the speed limit where marked, keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front and on both sides, maintain lane discipline and use the turn indicators before taking a bend.
  3. Follow correct riding technique – Focus on practicing good riding techniques – assume a proper seat position, grip the handlebars not too tight or too loose, knees and legs tightly squeezed against the fuel tank. All this will not only give you better riding posture but also help you maintain better balance and control over the bike.   
  4. Maintain your bike – A bike that is regularly maintained will deliver consistent, safe and better performance than one which is only cared for at the time of a breakdown. Inspect your bike and get it serviced in time. Brake pads must be sharply responsive, tyre treads must not be worn out, chain and other moving parts must be well lubricated, brake fluid should be clear and at the right level and all electrical parts must be in proper working condition.   
  5. Ensure you have two-wheeler insurance – This is a crucial tip and one that a good rider will certainly comply with. Having bike insurance will safeguard your bike and you from any eventuality like theft or accidental damage or loss. It is advisable to opt for a comprehensive bike insurance that provides maximum cover. Also consider purchasing add-on cover that will further save you money and provide better protection.

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