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Top 5 Tips to Choose Best Mediclaim Policy

5 Tips on How to Choose the Best Mediclaim Policy

Did you know that in 2017 alone, the number of deaths caused by road accidents was about 17 an hour? All it takes is a minor negligence by someone on the road and before you know it, there’s a barrage of medical scans and tests along with the hefty bills of hospitalization. Unlike your standard health insurance policy, or even a family health insurance plan, mediclaim insurance is specifically a financial cover for hospitalization due to accidents.

Picking a mediclaim health insurance plan requires making a well-informed decision. Let’s get to the top 5 tips for choosing a plan that suits you the best.

1. Individual mediclaim policy or family floater

An individual cover is straightforward - it insures a single person. In the mediclaim family floater version of health insurance, family members of the policy holder are collectively insured with a specified amount. If money is a factor in making the choice, an individual mediclaim policy for all the members costs relatively higher when compared to a family floater.

2. Premium to be paid

This is often a determining factor that can help you choose from an array of policies offered by different companies. You can determine the cost of a mediclaim policy based on the premium. If a certain health insurance policy offered by one company is out of your budget, there might be another company that offers similar benefits at an affordable cost.

3. A mediclaim that covers pre-existing illness

While a mediclaim health insurance policy is primarily a cover for hospitalization resulting from accidents, there are a few plans that cover pre-existing illnesses as well. If you can find one within your budget, it would only make sense to go for it.

4. Empanelled hospitals

To get cashless cover, you would want to check for empanelled hospitals in your city or along the route you take to work. This is often an important step when it comes to investing in a good health insurance plan. And if you’re opting for a mediclaim policy that covers pre-existing illnesses, you’d want to check for hospitals specializing in treatments that suit you the best.

5. Cashless or reimbursement

When it comes to health insurance, cashless always seems like the best option. If the hospital you’re being treated at is empanelled with your health insurance company, you can make a cashless claim for the entire treatment. While this does seem like a convenient option, it does not necessarily have to cover all your specific requirements in a health insurance plan. It may so happen that, a mediclaim policy that offers reimbursement might better suit your preferences. It is always best to compare multiple health insurance plans and choose the one that is best suited to your requirements.

Health insurance companies offer varied policies and add-ons for the convenience of policy holders, mediclaim being one of them. You’re not only securing your financial future, but also investing in quality medical treatment. With road safety in India still being questionable, it only makes sense to invest in a Mediclaim policy that is right for your needs.

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