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Top 5 Maintenance Tricks For Your Maruti Swift VXi Car


Maintaining the Maruti Swift VXi car at regular intervals is essential to ensure that the longevity of the car increases. There are different parameters for maintaining a car that includes tyres, engine, body, etc. Proper maintenance ensures that these parts remain in good condition, thus avoiding any untoward disasters on the road.

The owner’s manual of the Maruti Swift Vxi car comes with a section that clearly mentions the minimum time periods after which the car needs to be taken to an authorized service centre. The owner must strictly adhere to these guidelines since the condition of the car starts to depreciate with ageing.

Here are top 5 maintenance tips to ensure the longevity of the Maruti Swift Vxi car:


Brakes are of utmost importance to ensure safety. It is thus an absolute must to check the condition of the brakes to avoid any unwanted accidents from occurring.

Brake Oil

The brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air which reduces its boiling point. Therefore, it boils when the brakes are put heavily. This results in a spongy brake pedal, reducing the effectiveness of the brakes. Hence, the brake oil must be checked and replaced every two years.

Hand brakes

Before using the hand brakes, it is important to ensure that the car is in neutral and the clutch is pressed. It is also important to press the handbrake often; especially when the car comes in an automatic transmission.  

The brake linings and brake pads should be kept a note of to ensure that they are in the correct shape. The shape should be adjusted accordingly if they are not in the correct position. 


Engines are the driving force of the car. To ensure the engine works properly, the engine oil must be regularly checked. Changing the engine oil regularly ensures that the mechanical parts inside the engine function smoothly. If the engine oil is not changed within proper intervals, friction is caused between the parts ultimately leading it to wear out. It is advised to use proper lubricants and engine oil as advised in the owner’s manual. Along with this, the oil pressure and fan belt should also be examined.


Tyres balance the car. However, the work of the tires does not just end here. It is because of the tyres that the car can move. The condition of the tyres directly affects the car. If the air pressure of the tires is in good condition, then the mileage of the car will increase. Therefore, it is important to get the car tire pressures checked every time one visits the fire station. Improper tyres also spoil the wheel balance and the suspension of the car. It is also advised to use a particular kind of tire throughout the car. Along with this, the wheel alignment must also be checked since it ensures a better grip on the road and also improves the longevity of the tires.

Air Conditioner

 There are five essential parts of an Air Conditioner: compressor, refrigerant gas, condenser, expansion valve and the evaporator. It is important to individually maintain these components to ensure that the air conditioner of the car works smoothly. The level of the refrigerant gas must be checked every time the car goes for servicing. The air conditioner will stop working properly if the refrigerant gas is low. It is also important to check that there is no accumulation of dust and dirt since it can hamper the entire functioning of the system. The electrical fuses and wires must also be noted.

Cooling System

The cooling system of the car is of utmost importance since it protects the engine of the car. It is responsible for maintaining and keeping the car from overheating. The coolant is the most important component of the cooling system. Hence, to prevent the car from overheating, it is a must to check the coolant at regular intervals.  The important parts of the coolant such as the pipes, hoses must be kept a note of. It is also important to check the pressure cap to ensure that it is not defective. Apart from these, at regular intervals, the cooling must be checked for any malfunctioning and leakages.

The first service is crucial. However, the follow-ups are equally essential. Stick to your maintenance schedule and your Maruti Swift VXi will give your greater mileage and be the car that you are perfect for you and your family.

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