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Tips To Upgrade Your Health Insurance Policy During Renewal


In today’s chaotic lifestyle, focus on health for some reasons has been on the back burner and missing from the priority list. In a rush to succeed in our objectives, we forget to emphasize the most essential part of our lives.

This carelessness is one of the foremost causes of the majority of diseases today. And while some of you may think that buying health insurance is enough to deal with these risks, it’s not.

Health insurance policy is unlike the other life insurance policies available in the market. To enjoy the uninterrupted cover and benefits of health insurance, you need to monitor and renew it from time to time.

Moreover, when you renew your policy, you also have an option to upgrade your health insurance cover. In this article, we have scripted down five tips that can help you improve your health cover at the time of renewal.

Increase the Sum Assured

Majority of insurers provide you the option of increasing the sum assured at the time of renewal. While there are some terms and conditions such as no claim history and need of medical test, but once your request gets approved, you can increase the cover quickly. Therefore, when you go for the renewal of your policy, make sure to increase the sum assured as much as possible. This will help you in covering the costs of any future medical contingencies that come your way.

Declare Any New Illnesses if any

While it is a common tendency of people to hide things or health-related complications from the insurers to get better premium rates, it is wrong. At the time of policy renewal, one must remain complacent and ensure that all the relevant information is provided to the insurer. The time of renewal is the best time to make changes in the medical details if there is a need so that issues during claim settlement can be avoided in the future.

Check for No-Claim Bonus

Generally, a policyholder can get confused between cumulative bonus and no-claim bonus. While both are provided in case of claim free policy term, cumulative bonus is not provided in health insurance.

On the other hand, no-claim bonus is an upfront bonus discount provided on the premium rates to the policyholder in health insurance. It is typically 5-10 percent of the basic premium allotted during the policy inception. Therefore, when you renew your policy, check if the insurer is including no-claim bonus in your policy premiums.

Increase Cover with Add-Ons

While it’s a no-brainer that add-ons can help you in increasing your policy benefits, many people are not aware of their existence. Add-on covers are benefits that make your vanilla policy more comprehensive and enhance its cover.

If you don’t have add-ons in your policy, you must opt for them at the time of renewal. Some of the frequent riders include critical illness cover, hospital cash allowance, maternity benefit, and others.

Get Cashless Hospitalization Cover

In case of a medical emergency, you must be able to get admission in hospitals quickly. If your plan does not have the facility of cashless hospitalization included, it is high time you switch your insurer.

Majority of the insurers offers cashless hospitalization in an extensive list of their network hospitals during any medical emergency.

Words of Wisdom

There is no denial at the fact that everyone needs a health insurance policy . However, just buying a plan is not enough. Making use of the benefits provided under the policy and renewing it in the right manner is as important as buying the policy.

And since there are a plethora of advantages that you can gain with proper renewal, it is essential that you go for the process with a thought-out approach. Moreover, if your insurer does not allow the options stated above, it is better to switch your policy. Insurance company like Bharti AXA GI aims to provide comprehensive cover with their health insurance policy.

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