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Tips To Stay Healthy While You Are On Holiday With Family


Planning a vacation, but don’t know if you will be able to resist the temptation of tasty food? We understand the plight of staying fit during a vacation. Delicious local food, lack of exercise, and unending drinks can take a toll on your health. Although you can work out more at the gym later, you can follow these simple tips for staying healthy throughout your vacation.


Walking will boost your energy and help you stay active during your trip. Wear comfortable shoes and walk instead of taking a vehicle. Not only will this give you time to explore the beauty around you, but also make you fitter in the process.


Water is great for your health, especially when you’re on a vacation. While you may be tempted to hit the bar and gulp down those shots, you must consider indulging in healthier alternatives like juices, non-aerated drinks, etc. Alcohol and fizzy drinks lead to weight gain and can cause skin breakouts. So, keep yourself healthy inside out with water.


Precaution is always better than cure, therefore, it’s advisable to buy travel insurance before your next holiday trip. A travel insurance policy will protect you from any unforeseen medical emergencies and also provide you with emergency cash, in case you lose your luggage. Some may argue that travel insurance is not a necessity. However, many countries have made their entry regulations stringent and made it mandatory for every visitor to carry valid travel health insurance. Bharti AXA GI offers some of the comprehensive travel insurance plans that cover not just you, but your family too.

80/20 FOOD RULE:

Who said you can’t indulge in your favorite desserts or cheesy treats? As long as you fill 80 per cent of your plate with fresh veggies and fruits, you can fill the rest 20 per cent with desserts or cheesy dishes. And remember; keep your dinners as light as possible. This will save you from waking up drowsy and less energetic.


Before you go on an international trip, you must speak to your general physician to make sure you are fit for the trip. Explain to them the nature of your trip and ask for specific dos and don’ts. Since the doctor would know your medical history, it will be easier for him/her to suggest health tips that will help you remain hale and hearty during your trip.

If you have an upcoming international trip, then visit Bharti AXA GI website to buy travel health insurance online. If you have queries regarding Bharti AXA GI health insurance or travel insurance, then feel free to speak to our experts.

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