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Tips To Renew Your Yamaha Bike Insurance


The Yamaha Motor Company, a Japan-based motorbike manufacturer, started its India operations in 1985. Since then, a focus on customer satisfaction and quality has seen them grow from strength to strength. Regardless of whether you need a compact scooter or a racing bike – Yamaha has all your two-wheeler needs covered. If you own a Yamaha machine make sure you get a good two-wheeler insurance cover to protect it from any unforeseen incidents.

Steps To Renew Your Yamaha Bike Insurance

Before you renew your Yamaha bike insurance, make sure that you have reviewed your bike insurance requirements. It is quite possible that your circumstances have changes from the time when you first purchased an insurance policy for your bike. Therefore, you should also update your insurance cover to meet your current requirements. You would be able to expand or limit the scope of your insurance policy at the time of renewal through various riders offered by your insurer.

Once you have decided on your insurance requirements, visit the Bharti AXA GI portal to renew your policy. As a first step, you will have to select whether you wish to renew a Bharti AXA policy or a policy from another insurer.

In case you already have a policy from Bharti AXA, all you have to do is enter your previous policy number and the policy expiry date. The portal will automatically load the details about your bike and the add-on covers you may have. It would also show the no claim bonus available to you. Make sure the details are correct and make any changes to add-ons as you may require. Further, ensure that the Insured Declared Value suggested by the portal meets your requirements. Once you submit these details a renewal quote will be generated for you.

In case you are renewing a policy offered by another insurer, you will have to provide additional details as well. Enter the vehicle registration number, policy expiry date, policy tenure, your contact details, and no claim bonus that you may be eligible for.

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Tips To Reduce Your Yamaha Bike Insurance Premium

  1. Ensure that the insured declared value of your Yamaha is set correctly. If the IDV is set unjustifiably high, you would be paying a higher premium but will get no additional benefit for it.
  2. Long-term policies cost less than an annual policy, when the per year rate is considered. Insurers provide a significant discount on premium if you opt for a three-year term on your insurance policy. Therefore, choose to renew your insurance policy for a two- or three- year term.
  3. Making small claims can lead to your no claim bonus falling to zero. Therefore, avoid making claims that are smaller than the gains you get from NCB. A compulsory deductible is another reason that make small claims uneconomical.
  4. Join an automobile association for which the members are given a discount by your insurer. Check with your insurer to be sure which associations are recognized by them.
  5. Add ARAI approved security mechanisms to your bike. As the safety equipment makes the probability of a claim being filed lower, the insurers would offer a discount on the premium as well.
  6. Always compare policies before you make a purchase. This will not only educate you about the market but let you pick the best available policy.

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