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Suffering A Sickness Mid-Flight? Here Are 5 Tips To Remain Calm And Get Through The Flight


Experiencing anxiety or any other form of sickness mid-flight is a common occurrence. Whether it is your first time flying in a commercial plane or you have been traveling via flights for some time now, you may experience uneasiness or any other health issue in-transit. This usually happens when you are flying for long hauls, i.e. for up to 10 to 22-hours for your next foreign family vacation. Luckily, there are some easy ways to help you remain calm and get through the flight.

  1. Stay Hydrated and Avoid Heavy Meals

    Eating a large, spicy meal right before you board the flight may cause a feeling of heartburn or acid reflux. Therefore, you must avoid having eating fatty, greasy, heavily salted, or spiced meals for at least 24 hours before your trip. Instead, you may try eating smaller, but more regular meals or snacks.

    Also, make sure that you are wearing loose, comfortable clothes and are well-hydrated before and during the flight. You can pack a flask or water bottle in your carry-on luggage. Current security regulations require your water bottle to be empty at the security check. Thus, you can fill it up once you are airside.

  2. Direct the Air Flow from The Air Vents Towards Your Face

    Once in flight, it is important to stay ventilated and warm. Long-haul flights may feel cold and stuffy; therefore, you can ask for a blanket to keep warm. Also, ventilation is a key factor that may help you get over your uneasiness.

    Often, airplane seats have a small ventilation nozzle above them. You can turn the nozzle to direct the airflow towards yourself. You may; however, try to avoid falling asleep with the air directed at your face. Otherwise, you may risk cramping your neck. You can pull your blanket high to cover your face or even use a neck-pillow.

  3. Choose Your Seat Carefully

    Most commercial airlines allow you to choose your seat when you book a flight. If you experience motion sickness of any kind, you may select a window seat over the wing. The seats over the wings, on either side, will feel the least amount of vibrations during flight. Also, having a window seat will help you focus your gaze on the beautiful horizon and floating clouds so that you can avoid thinking about your sickness.

    If the window seats above the wings are not available, you may select a seat at the front of the aircraft and by the window.

  4. Control Your Breathing

    In a confined environment of an airplane, it is easy to feel restless and stuffed. If you feel the same, you may want to control your breathing. Instead of rapid and shallow breaths that could make your symptoms worse, focus on taking slow and deep breaths.

    Doing so will help you manage your sickness symptoms by engaging your parasympathetic nervous system, which works to calm things down. Also, you may put on the headphones to listen to your favorite music tracks and block out any outside noises around that may heighten your anxiety and sickness.

  5. Avoid Consuming Alcohol

    Consuming alcohol before boarding the plan or while the plane is in motion may act as an irritant in your stomach and trigger air sickness. Therefore, you may consider drinking cold water and eating dry crackers during your flight. Once on board, you can go for beverages available in the service-cart such as tomato soups, carbonated drinks or tonic water

Preparation is Key to Tackle Mid-Air Sickness!

Nowadays, flying in an aircraft has become quite common. There can be days when even the most avid fliers might experience air sickness in one form or another.

Therefore, you need to prepare for your journey in advance and protect yourself from air sickness or anxiety. Always stay hydrated, avoid eating heavily spiced food, and be sure to talk to a flight attendant if you or your co-passenger is feeling airsick.

Likewise, having a health insurance plan in your kitty allows you to take care of any serious medical conditions while traveling.

Therefore health insurance plans can offer you a comprehensive protection to help you take care of medical contingencies and associated expenses while in-transit and during your vacation.

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