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Tips To Prevent From Dengue Disease


Monsoons in India are the time when we have excessive rainfall and high humidity. During the rainy season, the conditions are ideal for breeding of disease-causing mosquitoes, primarily Aedes Aegypti mosquito (a carrier for dengue.) Hence, health issues such as dengue, chikungunya and hemorrhagic fever are most common during the monsoon. Among these, dengue is the most prolific disease and affects a considerable number of population.

According to the report published by the National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme, approximately 1,01,192 cases of dengue were reported all across India in 2018, and in 172 cases, the disease proved to be fatal.  

If we talk about the carrier, the Aedes mosquitos breeds and multiply, in places where disease-causing collects and stagnates over time, such as broken containers, open man-holes, and clogged gutters, therefore, the first step towards preventing dengue is to eliminate all possible breeding grounds of the mosquito, through regular cleaning of sewers and drainages, in and around your home and locality.

Also, here are some preventive measures for dengue that you can consider:

1. Spray mosquito repellents regularly

The mosquito that causes dengue, breeds in dark places, corners, and closets in domestic spaces. You should clean the junk and spray it with mosquito repellents regularly. This will help you keep your indoors mosquito-free.

2. Get rid of stagnant water

One of the most commonplace of larvae formation is in stagnant water, just like water in the coolers. You can spray Temephos (brand name Abate) or petrol on stagnating water to get rid of the water-borne Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes. Stagnating water in public spaces such as in garbage dumps, puddles, requires to be sprayed by pesticides. While municipal corporations regularly spray insecticide, you can take charge and make your locality a better and healthy place.

3. Wear full-sleeved clothes at home

Two hours after dawn and before dusk is the most active time of the dengue mosquitoes. As you know that there is no vaccine available that prevents dengue, so it's your responsibility to protect yourself and your children.  You can wear clothes that cover most of your skin, such as full-sleeved clothes and full pants or any other clothing that covers most of our skin.

4. Use mosquito creams to protect exposed body parts

You can wear full-body garments; however, there is still some part of your body that is exposed like hands, toes, and face. There are many clinically-proven safe mosquito creams available in the market, such as Odomos, which contains DEET or Picaridin in them. You can apply these cream on exposed skin as it works as the invisibility cloth for mosquitoes. It confounds their senses.

5. Use mosquito coils and vapor mats

Protect your home by using mosquito coils, electric vapor mats that can kill the mosquitoes, causing dengue and will keep you safe. People usually believe that these products are most needed at night, but they are required more in the day time than at night.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure!

Prevent yourself and your family members by applying the methods mentioned above. Preventing dengue is not just the Government’s responsibility; it is every individual's too. Let's kill the roots of this disease and provide a better future for our country.

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