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Tips To Plan A Perfect Bike Tour


If you are planning to take a road trip on your bike, you will have to plan not just the route but also stop-overs, overnight halts, and the refuelling stations you would use. Here are a few additional tips to help make your trip a success:

Mechanical Checks

There is nothing worse than being stuck at the side of the road because of an avoidable problem. Before you go on your trip make sure that your ride is in prime condition and check the bike all over. Also, make sure you have access to appropriate roadside assistance in case you need help during your trip.

Bike-Friendly Accommodations

To avoid surprises, make sure that overnight stay you have selected has parking space for your bike as well. It is important that you can keep your bike out of the harm's way as you hit the bed. If you are planning to camp out, most sites would accommodate the bike as well – but do check ahead to be sure.

Have An Emergency Plan

Don't keep your trip a complete secret. Make sure that at least one friend or family member is aware of your route and keep in regular touch with them through your journey. If anything goes wrong, it helps to reach out to someone who knows where you are. It also ensures that in the worst-case scenario, emergency services will be able to trace your location easily.

Petrol Pumps

Plan the stations where you would get your ride refuelled ahead of time. It can get extremely annoying if you need to haul the lump of metal on the road just because you decided to not get refuelled on the gas station 10 kms back. A pit stop every two hours of riding is generally a good idea.

Be Realistic

Your bike may easily cover 800kms in a day. But your body may not be built for such long haul riding. Make sure that you choose the distances based on your experience and not on the bikes ability. The rider is much more important than the ride itself. You do not want to rush to reach your destination but enjoy a beautiful ride instead.

Loading Up?

If you plan to have your bike loaded up into a ferry or train, make sure you have got all the information about the loading processes of your carrier. Further, plan to reach the loading spot well in advance of the departure time. Make sure that your bike is properly strapped down so you do meet it at the destination.

Before heading up for your road trip make sure that your bike is insured with a comprehensive two wheeler insurance plan .

Have a happy ride!

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