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Tips to Get Your Royal Enfield Bike Insurance Quickly


Royal Enfield is one of those classic bikes that have never aged a day. In today’s age of high-speed bikes, Royal Enfield has not just held its ground firm but has also claimed to be a prized possession for most avid bikers. The faithful warhorse has also introduced multiple variants to cater to its different segments and has been successful in doing so. So, it is uncalled for to keep such an esteemed bike with second-to-none features in your backyard without insurance even for a day.


Types of Insurance Coverage

There are two types of covers you can buy for your Enfield, either a third-party cover or a comprehensive cover.

Although legally mandated, third-party cover only covers third-party liabilities, and not you or the bike.

It is advisable to buy comprehensive bike insurance to ensure protection to you, your bike, and against third-party liabilities as well.


Following are some tips that can help you get quick insurance for your Royal Enfield –

  1. Compare – Comparing policies online offers you the comfort of browsing through the features and premium rates of multiple insurance providers at the click of a button. Compare the features and prices and find the right Royal Enfield insurance.
  2. Add-ons – Check for any add-ons that you can buy along with your policy to enhance the cover for your Enfield. You can look into add-ons like Depreciation Cover, Pillion rider cover, etc. to provide added protection to your bike riding experience.
  3. Keep the information handy – Whether it be comparing the policies, or buying a policy online, you will be required to submit host of data regarding your bike and yourself to get the insurance quote. Keep information like your personal details, valid ID numbers, bike registration number, engine number, chassis number, etc. handy to ensure a seamless insurance purchase process.
  4. Read the policy details – Buying bike insurance online ensures that you get all the requisite details regarding the policy and the provider at one place. Read the bike insurance document in detail. Know the inclusions, limitations, and claim process of your policy. This may seem time-consuming at first, but it ensures that you are secure regarding the coverage of your policy.
  5. Check the claim settlement ratio – Always check that your insurance provider has a high claim settlement ratio. This offers credibility to the claim process.
  6. Provide correct information – When you buy insurance online, the responsibility to maintain the authenticity of the information lies on you. Kindly provide correct details, like the Insured Declared Value, your personal details, and other bike-related details, while purchasing your Royal Enfield insurance to ensure seamless coverage and hassle-free claim settlement.

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