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Tips To Get Rid Of Your Bad Smoking Habits


When you are getting Health Insurance – it is specifically required to answer if you smoke. If the answer is yes – then the questions delve further into – the frequency – whether you smoke occasionally, often or every day. How many cigarettes do you smoke in a certain period and so on? Have you wondered why this kind of depth of information is asked for – it is because smoking is actually that is detrimental to your health – that being a smoker actually makes you that much more of an insurance risk.

The good news is that there are a lot of available resources to help you with this difficult task of breaking the addictive habit of smoking.

Remind yourself why you have decided to quit:

The realisation that you need to quit smoking is usually driven by some instance – that makes you realise the damage you are doing to the health of yourself and your loved ones by clinging to this habit. Remind yourself of that every night when you sleep and when you wake up.

Keep busy:

Sometimes idle hands compel you to remember how good it feels to while away the time – while smoking a cigarette. Keep busy – create new hobbies or rekindle old ones. Staying busy will keep your mind off smoking.

Get active:

When we exercise the endorphins released into our body satiate a lot of the cravings that we don't even realise we need. Endorphins released into our bodies bring about the sense of satisfaction and happiness that we crave and will definitely take the edge off the desire to smoke. You can take the resultant effects on the good health of your body as a collateral benefit of this exercise. If intensive exercise is not for you – don't worry, just put on your shoes and go for a walk or take a swim. It all works well as soon as the blood is pumping through your body and air rushing into your lungs.

Drink lots of water:

Sometimes smokers can mistake simple cravings of thirst and hunger and translate them into an impetus to smoke. So instead first fill up a glass of water and drain it – quite often it feels satisfying and will make you draw back from the cigarette. Drinks that contain caffeine make you feel jittery and increase the desire the smoke. Cut down on the teas and coffees.

Break the routine of which smoking is a part:

Everyone has a routine – of which if smoking is apart then you dearly miss it at those specific times which were set for smoking. Try and move around your routine and use the above tips at the times you most crave a cigarette.

Go to non-smoking places:

At least initially do not go to places where people are smoking openly – as it allows you to give in to the desire if it is acceptable and allowed. Visit frequently to the places where smoking is not allowed.

Use a nicotine patch if you need:

If you are a heavy smoker and are finding it really difficult to cope with the physiological impact of smoking – take the assistance of nicotine patches to quit smoking – so you can continue with your work routine without feeling too jittery. You must gradually reduce the dependence on these too.

Insurance Companies in a bid to improve public health and save on claims – have come out with many incentive measures for a person to get healthy. For instance, some insurers offer discounts on premium amounts – if one walks regularly and covers a minimum number of steps (tracked by a fitness tracker). Regardless of these additional benefits, if you are a smoker – your need to have health insurance will be higher than the average person will.

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