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Tips To Get Rid Of Your Bad Drinking Habits


Drinking Alcohol once in a while is very different from being a regular drinker or subjecting yourself to Alcohol Abuse. Regular and sustained drinking can harm your body physiologically – in many different ways, and make you susceptible to diseases. It also impacts your state of mind, abilities, interactions with family and friends and others. Bad Drinking Habits can cause sustained damage and is very difficult to break – but it's not impossible.

First things first – to admit you have a drinking problem:

People don't start out with drinking problems – but as your alcohol consumption – both quantity and frequency increases, you will have a hard time admitting that you are well and truly entrapped by the urge to drink. Acceptance that it is a trap and you need to come out of it – is the first step to recovery. Always, keep reminding yourself of your reasons to quit. 

Set Goals and Limits:

You can give yourself predetermined goals – like not drinking at least 3 days in a week or limits – such as drinking a maximum of 2 drinks on a night out. If it helps – keep a diary, you'll know how many das you managed to stick to your preset limit, and that helps track the habit. 

Stop drinking at home:

Set boundaries to where you will drink, take away your comfortable drinking spots. If needed – throw away all your alcohol and stop frequenting places that sell it for a while.

Alcohol treatment programs:

For people who are having difficulty leaving their bad drinking habits – there are various alcohol programs, that help them tide over the initial period where they face withdrawal symptoms.

Take the help and support of understanding family and friends:

Quitting drinking – is difficult especially in the initial stages – where a person may face body withdrawal symptoms such as – nausea, headaches, irritability, stomach cramps, anxiety, sweating, trouble sleeping and elevated blood pressure. Knowing you might face these symptoms – makes it easier to bear – as you know they are temporary and as your body throws out the toxins, you will start feeling dramatically improved, as the symptoms of withdrawal disappear.

Take the help of supportive family and friends and push through the discomfort to be able to quit drinking. Other support groups may include – counsellors, alcoholic anonymous groups and health insurance providers.

Change your social circle or lifestyle to support a sober one:

If your previous lifestyle or friend circle made it opportune or necessary to drink – let it do. New doors will open to support you in a better lifestyle. Developing hobbies and interests – finding pleasure in other things – such as sport, art or anything will go a long way towards leading a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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