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Tips To Get Instant Two-Wheeler Insurance For Mahindra Bikes


The name Mahindra has become synonymous to two-wheeler comfort, efficiency and quirky design. With a range of bikes like Centuro, Duro, Gusto, Rodeo, Pantero, and Kine, selecting the right Insurance becomes imperative. With a new vehicle come new responsibilities, one of which is buying the right insurance. Insurance coverage becomes a necessity as driving is prone to mishaps that result in paying off damages to the third party and that result in damages to owned vehicle and the rider. Also, you cannot evade having insurance for your vehicle because that would be a violation of the law. You can now figure out Mahindra Insurance easily through this guide to avail the best insurance at the lowest premium.


Know your vehicle

The vehicle's engine should be compliant with the BS-IV emission norms. Two-Wheeler Insurance Policies generally depend upon the engine capacity of the vehicle. Coupled with the engine capacity of the vehicle, Insured Declared Value (IDV), which is the current market value arrived at after deducting applicable depreciation, is a direct determinant of the Premium amount.


Know Your Insurance Plan

Two-wheeler insurance online renewal can be a tiring process as it involves comparing a plethora of plans. The main segments that you should be focussing on are:

  • The amount of premium charged for the respective amount of coverage
  • The comprehensive coverage - third party coverage, own vehicle coverage, rider and pillion coverage, depreciation coverage et al.
  • The period of the insurance as most insurance policies are of only a year. Buying a long term policy, usually of three years, can help in smoothing the fluctuations in the premium paid oper annum.
  • Any no claim bonuses if no claim is made in the insurance period. No Claim Bonuses (NCB) are generally used up as a deduction for the upcoming premium payments.


Other things that influence the insurance premium are the price at which the vehicle was bought, and the place of the registration of the vehicle.


Comparing two-wheeler insurance online would be now easier given these solid tips. We must, though, be mindful of the additional services that are topped with for the premium. Post Claim services are also a factor that should be kept in mind while looking for lower premiums. Bharti AXA has an unparalleled two-wheeler insurance renewal which is not only comprehensive and flexible but also comes with exemplary claim settlement service.

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