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Tips To Get Instant Swift Insurance Quote


Are you thinking of changing your hatchback for the new Swift Dzire? In recent times, the revamped sedan has garnered rave reviews.

But have you thought about your Swift car insurance too? If you have an existing policy, check with your provider if the same can be carried forward for your new acquisition. If not, there is no need to get too worried as you can now get insurance quotes instantly.

With technology advancing in leaps and bounds, many online tools are growing in prominence. This pretty much brings everything to your fingertips. So, you have the option of going to third party aggregator sites or directly to the insurer’s website.

To access your Swift insurance quote online, you need to follow these steps.

Compare Insurance Online

If you are looking for affordable car insurance quotes, then your best bet is online which you can find in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is to fill out a form with your personal contact information and your insurance requirements and you will see hundreds of quotes in your results that match with your needs.

It has been seen that online quotes for insurance, or specifically for Swift car insurance is a lot more economical than going to an agent or broker or even to the insurance provider directly. You can access the best policies from top insurance companies with the cover that you want and at your desired price point.

Moreover, these sites are also available through dedicated mobile apps and are accessible anywhere, anytime if you have a smartphone or tablet.

Information Required to Get an Instant Car Insurance Quote

If you need an instant Swift insurance quote, then you need to have the following information handy.

  • Your driving licence number, date of birth, address
  • The vehicle registration number which is an identity unique for your car only
  • The make, model and year of the car
  • Mileage on the care if the vehicle is pre-owned or is your existing vehicle
  • Date of purchase of the car
  • Name of registered owner
  • If you’ve had a driving history then list the policy number for old insurances and report information for any accidents, citations, claims,

This is not a list carved in stone but more or less includes the gist of details that you will need to have available when making a request for an online car insurance quote.

Keeping Costs of Car Insurance Down

While you know that you can get more value out of your money spent on the car if you purchase online because of the cost benefits, you still need to keep a few essential points in mind.

For instance, you may already have a car which you would like to insure. However, if you are adding a Swift car insurance to it, then this may have additional financial bearings in terms of increased policy pricing.

With a new car in the kitty, you will want options of insurance policies that will save you money.

It is best to avoid insurance agents in this process. While they can also offer you good deals, most only deal with a select few insurance companies.

When you want a range of policy options, comparing them online will help you get your suitable plan on the best price.

How Long Does It Take to Get Car Insurance?

In most cases, an online quote for your Swift insurance can be transformed into a policy within an hour at the most. If you are starting a new policy, you may also have to make a premium payment to activate the policy. The amount of premium will be determined by the insurance company and your auto insurance coverage level.

Even with an existing policy, you can conveniently renew it online within a few minutes. Alternatively, you can consider new quotes and choose to transfer your policy to a new insurance company.

Be sure to have all the necessary information on hand to streamline this process.

Should You Get Car Insurance Before I Buy A Car?

The law of land requires you to have car insurance before you start driving on the roads in India. Therefore, it is just common sense to have the insurance in place before you drive off with your new car from the showroom.

If your existing policy covers your new car, then everything is fine. If your insurance has expired, check if you are on the grace period for policy extension. Otherwise, you can always go the online route and purchase a policy online very quickly.

Also, the penalties for driving without insurance has been significantly hiked post the amendment to the Motor Vehicles Act in 2019. So, why take a risk and dampen the experience of being the owner of a brand new sedan.

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