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A Few Tips To Follow To Keep Your Diabetes In Control


Many people, when diagnosed with diabetes, feel scared as it’s a lifelong disease. With symptoms like frequent urination, weight loss, blurred vision, nausea, etc. diabetes can cause discomfort, ranging from low to very high in one’s daily life.

Moreover, if you don’t take it seriously, by taking any treatment or precautions, then it can progress further. This will increase your risk of strokes, nerve damage, kidney failure, and other severe conditions.

However, the good thing is that diabetes is manageable. When you take necessary precautions and eat appropriately, you minimize your symptoms and further complications.

So, to help you be in control of your diabetes, we have a few suggestions that can be effective for the same.

Secure Your Health with An Insurance Cover

The American Heart Association considers diabetes to be one of the seven major controllable risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. Not only this, if diabetes is not treated properly, it can further lead to any other serious problems like kidney failure, strokes, dental issues, and vision-related problems. However be at any case, it is always recommended to have a health Insurance plan to cover your back. So, if you have diabetes, then it is advisable that you follow all the tips to keep it in control. Also, buy health insurance to cover any risk associated with the disease.

  1. Increase Fiber Intake

    Cut down your carb intake, as it hampers insulin function in your body. Fiber, on the other hand, slows down carb digestion and sugar absorption. This results in a gradual rise in sugar levels in the body. A fiber-rich diet includes fresh vegetables, fruits, juices, whole grains, and legumes.

    Fiber foods mainly help manage Type 1 diabetes by improving blood sugar control. So, instead of munching on chocolates and cookies, have salads and fruits when hunger strikes.

  2. Choose Low Glycemic Foods

    Glycemic levels refer to the ranking of carbohydrates in the food according to how they affect blood glucose levels. So, because your body has a high sugar level in your blood, you should consume more of those foods that have low glycemic value. Such foods include meat, eggs, sweet potatoes, corns, yam, fruits, lentils, non-starchy vegetables, etc.

    Make a list of glycemic foods and include these in your diet as compared to ones with high levels.

  3. Keep Stress Away

    Stress releases hormones like cortisol and glucagon in the bloodstream. These further cause blood sugar levels to go up. Therefore, along with dietary changes, also make meditation, yoga, and light breathing exercises a part of your routine. Such exercises will correct insulin secretion in the body, thereby keeping blood sugar levels in check.

  4. Drink Water and Stay Hydrated

    Water re-hydrates the blood, reduces sugar levels, and thereby lowers diabetes in your body. Moreover, it even flushes out excess sugar levels from the kidneys in the form of urine. Thereby, those with high water consumption, face fewer complications as they’re mostly able to keep their blood sugar levels in check.

    However, you should only increase the intake of water and non-caloric beverages, as the ones with calories and sweeteners will do more harm than any good. So, choose water, coconut water, and other natural fluids.

  5. Exercise Regularly

    Regular physical exercise will not just keep your weight in check but will also improve insulin sensitivity in your body. Thus, your body cells will be able to use more sugar as energy, helping you overcome issues of fatigue.

    You can include different forms of exercise, ranging from low to high intensity. You may include brisk walking, swimming, cycling, hiking, or any other activity that you like doing. Moreover, exercise will also make your muscles use up blood sugar for energy and muscle contraction.

  6. Monitor Your Sugar Levels Regularly

    When you monitor your diabetes regularly, you’ll be able to manage it better. Keeping a check on your diabetes level will help you know to what extent you need to adjust your diet.

    Moreover, you’ll also understand how your body reacts to different foods. So, buy a self-monitoring diabetes machine and check from time to time.

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