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Tips To Follow If You Are Dealing With Anxiety Disorders


Anxiety Disorders are of various types – and a trained medical professional can help you understand what you are feeling or experiencing. When you are feeling anxiety it creates certain feelings and symptoms. These could be – sweaty palms, shortness of breath, racing heartbeat, sense of foreboding or dread, stomach problems etc.

If you are dealing with anxiety disorders then – it is imperative for you to take care of yourself. You can take care of yourself by:

Seeking help from a medical –professional:

If you are feeling excessively anxious and uncomfortable - it may either be general anxiety – which interferes in your day to day living – with a feeling of dread or foreboding and makes it hard for you to follow your routine or life. Or it could anxiety relating to a specific trigger – such as a stressful job or work environment, driving or travelling, genetics, withdrawal from drugs or certain medications, trauma

phobias, chronic pain, depression or chronic illnesses. Sometimes some important life events – such as losing a loved one – also creates certain anxieties in people.

Talk to your family practitioner and if he advises seeking help from a specialist – go ahead and do so. Mental Health issues are highly stigmatised – don't let it interfere with getting the help you need.


Things you can do by yourself:

There are certain things that you can do when you realise anxiety is getting you down. You can:

  • Try Meditation
  • Try Deep Breathing or Yoga
  • Get active for at least 15 minutes a day
  • Take a hold of your thought pattern –try and step back from the situation and see things neutrally.
  • Try some alternative remedies – such as aromatherapy, reflexology, massage, hypnotherapy, Bach flower remedies etc. are being used to treat anxiety in a non-invasive manner.
  • Try writing down your thoughts - this helps to clarify them and acts as a venting mechanism.


There are also some Long Term Coping Strategies when anxiety has been a part of your routine for too long:


  • Identify Your Triggers
  • Meditation
  • Change of routine
  • Exercise and good food
  • Get adequate sleep



  • Talking to a counsellor on a regular basis
  • Medication as needed
  • Mindfulness and Meditation – including deep breathing.
  • Avoiding stimulants – especially caffeine
  • Slow down and step out
  • Keep a diary
  • Try Peer Support


If someone close to you is suffering from Anxiety

Offer them support and lend a friendly ear. Just knowing you have someone's support can help quick recovery.

Anxiety is a crippling form of mental illness. It may occur in the form of panic attacks, or anxiety relating to specific things. It has an overall impact on our mental and physical health as well as our lifestyle.

Stay positive and use the tips given above to stay calm and find your path back to your calm state of mind.

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