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Quick Tips To Follow For Women While Buying Health Insurance Plans


As different as our bodies are, so is the medical requirements of men and women. In this age of rapidly progressing diseases, it is important for everyone to have health insurance, including women.

Sadly, in India, the scene is quite different. “A recent survey among 1,009 women found only 39% of them had health cover. Of this figure, 22% had bought insurance for themselves, while the rest depended upon policies bought for them by male relatives or employers.” says an article by The Economic Times.

What people fail to understand is the benefits and the ease of accessibility that the medical insurances come with. Did you know that health insurances give you tax benefits as well? Just purchasing medical insurance can give you a tax benefit of up to Rs 25,000 under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

And there’s more. Women’s medical insurances are customised health insurance packages to suit the diverse needs of a diva. They cover critical illnesses like some forms of cancer and women centric diseases. Some of them even come with the coverage for maternity period.

Medical insurances are the need of the hour for every middle-class household nowadays. They save you the embarrassment of asking for money from friends and relatives and reduces the stress of hospital bills during times of emergencies. But women specialised medical insurance is a fairly new concept.

Medical Insurance Plans for Women

So, how do you pick medical insurance for women? Here are quick tips you need to follow.

Bigger Network Hospitals for Cashless Treatment:

Cashless treatment is basically fully or partially free treatment that you will receive, in a network hospital, upon providing proper documentation of your medical insurance. Network hospitals are the hospitals where your insurance provider has arrangements to provide you with treatment without having to pay any upfront cash -until you reach your sum assured figure. A larger number of network hospitals give you a wide array of choices.

Suppose you don’t get a bed at your preferred hospital; you can go and avail for a bed at an equally good hospital and get cashless benefits there too. Having a wide range of network hospitals at your disposal will help you if you are ever in an accident. The same works for the urgent delivery of your child too.

Check for The Coverage of Pre-Existing Diseases:

At the rapidly progressing age of today, it is not uncommon for a girl of 13 or 14 years to contract some kind of disease. But does your insurance cover pre-existing diseases? Most of the policies don’t. Most of the policies don’t even cover a disease that you might contract within 30 days of buying the policy. Therefore, it is important to read all scheme related documents carefully and consider your options by comparison.

Maternity Coverage:

Maternity coverages are the most important factor of any health insurance for women. This is the only factor that makes taking up health insurance from early childhood very important. Most of the policies for women are just regular health insurance, falsely branded towards women. They don’t provide any maternity benefit or any other critical coverage designed for women. So, it is very important to check for benefits, especially maternity coverage.

At the end of the day, before you sign on the dotted line, ensure that the policy promises to deliver all that you need from medical insurance. After all, that is your safety net for your future well-being.

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