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5 Tips To Choose The Best Mediclaim Policy For Your Family


Times are changing for every sector in our country today. One of the most affected sectors is undoubtedly healthcare.


Private healthcare can be an expensive proposition for many. It is well known that the expenses are enough to create nightmares for the common man to bear on their own. With this unpredictability and high inflation rates in the healthcare sector, financial security is something that is every individual's concern. As healthcare is essential to everybody's life so is health insurance or mediclaim.


Top 5 Tips on How to Choose the Best Mediclaim Policy for Your Family


There are so many health policies today in the market that people often get confused while choosing the most appropriate one for themselves. So, here are five tips to choose the best mediclaim policy.


  • The Co-Pay and Subtracted Amount:

While choosing the most appropriate mediclaim for you and your family, the first and the most important factor that you'll have to analyse is the co-pay clause. The clause demands you to bear a percentage of the total medical expense out of pocket and then after that only the insurer starts to bear the remaining expense. It is advisable to opt for an option with low or zero co-pay. The concept of the deductible is similar, but it is a fixed amount.


  • Room Rent of Your Hospital:

The room rent is another factor that you should look before choosing the mediclaim policy. The room rent which is payable naturally differs in accordance with the health insurance policy. Some insurers limit the rent by a certain percentage according to their policy with respect to the sum insured. You should look for an insurer who doesn't put a cap on the room rent.


  • Choose Plan with Accordance to Your Age:

You should choose the medical policy for yourself and others keeping in mind their ages as the policy differs in accordance with the age of the insured. Young individuals can choose their claim keeping in mind their marital status and their employment status. Some insurers also provide special facilities for senior citizens. Quite similarly, policies issued on family floater basis also have their own set of unique features. Some insurers also cover special needs for newborn babies. You can also go for top-up plans which will also benefit you in the long term.


  • Research About the Network Hospitals Covered:

While choosing your mediclaim you should do some prior research about which hospitals are covered under the mediclaim policy. You should gather knowledge about what are the other hospitals in the hospital chain that is covered. Also, keep in mind those hospitals where you will be able to avail cashless service.


  • Check the Premiums Carefully

The last but not least is the factor of the premiums. It is the most important factor in your mediclaim policy. You should choose the policy according to your needs. The better the benefits are the higher the premiums will be. So, you definitely choose a plan not only keeping in mind your pocket pinch but your future benefits too.


Whichever health insurance plan that you choose to purchase, the bottom line is that it should cater to all the needs and expectations of you and your family.

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