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Tips On How Often You Should Service Your Car To Make It Last For A Long Time


Indian climates and road conditions put your car through a lot. To extend your car’s life, it is important that you get it serviced at right times. As a general rule, you should get your car serviced either every 12 months or every 10,000 kilometres – whichever comes first. That is if you drive less – you should still get your car serviced once a year.

Further, every 5,000 kilometres or every 6 months – whichever comes first – you should get not just oil but also the air filters and fuel filter changed. Many drivers avoid this small charge, thinking it wouldn’t make a big difference. But a small expense today can save you a lot as it will ensure that your engine stays healthy longer and your overall maintenance cost stays low.

Here is an indicative list to understand which part of the car needs maintenance how frequently. Please note, this is for petrol cars:

Every time you cover 10,000 kilometres

  • Change the engine oil and oil filter
  • Check and if necessary, top up all fluids (coolant, power, steering, transmission, brake etc)
  • Clean air filter
  • Rotation, balance and alignment of wheels. Also the spare wheel (Stepney)
  • Check and adjust all the belts
  • Check the hosepipes. Replace them if necessary
  • Wiper blades and nozzles need to be scrutinized
  • Lights – whether the brightness is adequate
  • Wax the car
  • Apply paint to nicks and dents.

Every time you over 20,000 kilometres (Or once an year)

  • Check whether the radiator flush works properly
  • Check engine coolant change
  • Evaluate the brakes. Clean them if necessary
  • The brake hoses and lines need to be checked.
  • Spark plugs must be observed.
  • Check the engine idle settings (speed & CO).
  • Check whether clutch release arm travel works optimally.
  • Check for the suspension
  • The steering gearbox & boots need to be thoroughly checked.
  • Check the driveshaft boots.

Every Two years / 30,000 kms

  • Change the transmission / gear / differential oil.
  • Fluid change is recommended
  • You may have to replace spark plugs
  • Clean the fuel injectors
  • Clean or adjust the throttle body
  • Check the distributor cap, rotor as well as the ignition wiring
  • Check whether the PCV valve operates properly
  • Check the ignition timing
  • Check valve clearance as well as adjustment
  • Get air-conditioner completely serviced
  • Check for the brake pads.

Every 60,000 kms

  • Change the timing belt or balancer
  • It is recommended that the water pump be replaced
  • Revamp suspension of our car
  • Change all the drive belts.
  • Replace all the hose pipes.
  • Check the status of clutch plate and related parts.
  • Check the condition of engine mounts as they may need to be replaced in certain cars

When you take your car for annual service, ensure that you get at the least the following performed:

  1. Engine Oil Check & Top Up
  2. Oil Filter Replacement
  3. Air Filter Replacement
  4. Coolant Top Up
  5. Battery check up
  6. Brake pad cleaning

Prefer choosing a car service that provides the 60 points check up to ensure that all the important components of your car are in prime condition.

Even if you are not using the car, it is important to get a full check-up before you take the car out for a spin. This is because many car components have an expiry date. Engine oil would nevertheless get thin and loose lubrication even if the car is not driven at all.

Remember that prevention is always better than cure. Get your car regularly serviced to avoid nasty surprises that make your foot a large bill later. Lack of service can lead to serious problems which could have been easily avoided with timely look by a car mechanic. Most importantly make sure that you have purchased comprehensive car insurance policy.

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