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Tips to Have Smooth Motorbike Brakes

Tips to Have Smooth Motorbike Brakes

Motorcycles are built for speed, passion and fun! But when something so powerful can fly past you in an instant, it should as easily manage to come to a halt as well! The safety of the rider significantly depends on the condition of the bike, as well as the functioning of the brakes. Motorcycles have two wheels that are separately controlled by two dedicated braking units. It is important to always have these in their best and prime condition to ensure your safety and of anyone who rides along with you.

Disc Brakes
Most motorcycles have front and rear disc brakes. An important tip you need to know to maintain your bike’s disc brakes is to check the level of remaining braking fluid in the brake-fluid reservoir. This fluid reservoir is usually near the handlebar (for the front disc brake) or behind the heel plate near the rider’s foot peg (for the rear disc brake).

You need to ensure that the brake fluid is always on the correct level. This information will be provided in your bike’s service manual. If you are confused, you can always ask your dealer to show you the correct level. With this you can make sure that when the brake fluid level drops, you can top it up. But please make sure to do this carefully, for if it falls, it can damage the bike.

Brake Pads
Regular check-ups on brake pads are a must. If a brake pad is thinner than 3mm, then it needs to be immediately replaced with a new one. Don’t try to opt for cheaper brake pads, as it’s an integral component for your safety. Why risk your life and the safety of those around you for a smaller amount?

Drum Brakes
Most of the modern bikes today do not have drum brakes but some of the older bikes still do. It is important to get them regularly serviced and to change the brake liners to maintain their grip. Drum brakes usually tend to accumulate dust, so it is important to regularly clean them up as well. Drum brakes can be repaired at most service shops; however going to an expert would be the best.

If you maintain your motorcycle brakes, it will help you stay safe on the road. Getting your motorcycle serviced every few months is a good idea as the service center will check and repair the brakes of your motorcycle as well.

Another thing you can do, to be on the safe side is to take a two wheeler insurance policy for your bike. The two wheeler insurance helps safeguard your motorcycle from damage, theft and any accident.

If you ever feel like the brakes on your bike are getting loose or that they aren’t up to the mark, immediately go and get them checked! Ride safe!

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