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Tips For Driving In UK | Driving in United Kingdom


The UK is a popular tourist destination during the summer season. There’s a lot to see around the UK such as Trafalgar’s Square, London Bridge, London Eye, Big Ben, and many more. However, taxis in the UK are expensive and may cost a bomb to get around. It is much more convenient to rent a car or borrow one from your friend or relative. Driving in the UK is not the same as it is in India, as you must drive with due diligence and ensure that you follow all the rules and norms. Here are a few tips you can adopt while driving in the UK.

  •  Get Your Papers In Place

Make sure that you always have international travel insurance and carry it with you while driving in the UK. You never know when you can encounter an accident in foreign lands. In case you incur any injuries due to an accident, you will have to provide the authorities with details of your UK travel insurance.

  • No Unnecessary Honking

As Indians, we’re accustomed to unnecessary honking. However, this isn’t the norm in the UK. Honking is considered unethical and rude on the road. You will have to be patient and drive in lane when it comes to driving in the UK. It is prohibited to honk in built-up areas between 11:30 pm and 7 am.

  • Always Use Indicators

Using an indicator is considered extremely important in the UK. Make sure that you turn your blinkers on to let the car behind and in front of you know which direction you are headed. Make sure to use indicators even on roundabouts as there are plenty in the UK.

  • Things To Have In Place

Before you hire a car, you must ensure that a few things are in place. Communicate with your car hiring company about their fuel policy; different companies have different policies, and you don’t want confusion later. Amongst many there are a few essentials you must ensure are always present in your car, such as – warning triangle, first aid kit, reflective jacket, and fire extinguisher.

The driving in the UK is left side, making it ideal for Indian drivers to drive; unlike the United States and Australia where cars must be driven on the right. With these tips kept in mind, you are bound to have a fun and safe trip to UK. With a travel insurance plan in place, you can drive fearlessly and stress-free.

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