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Tips for arranging luxury car financing


Luxury cars have a certain charm and appeal that causes you to fall in love with them immediately. However, as the name suggests, luxury cars are very expensive. So, you will need to arrange financing to purchase them. Here are a few tips that you should know to arrange the necessary financials to buy a luxury car.

Use Personal Loan

If you have a good credit score, maybe you should first try for a personal loan. But make sure, that it is unsecured or else you will have to put up an asset as collateral.

While the loan is the best option, it has a few pros and cons, they are:


  • Cheapest alternative to cash.
  • Formalities can be done online
  • You can get an attractive interest rate


  • Approval of loans take time
  • Future and current loans can be affected

Consider your Financiers

Before you visit the car dealer, make a brief pit-stop at your financier’s bank or office. Talk the deal out with them and consider any interest rebate or offers you can avail.

Dealer’s Contact

Let the dealer offer a discount or bonus offers, ask them for any possible discount or offer if they do not provide it on their own. Hear them out and see if there is a better deal for you.

Shorter for Better

Arrange a shorter-term for your luxury car. The quicker you pay off the deal, the lower the interest rates you have to pay. You can save a lot of money, but be sure that you do not overstretch your financial situation.

Lease the Luxury Car

If you are interested in driving a model for a short term i.e. two to three years, maybe you want to consider a lease instead of purchase. Lease payments are much less than monthly car loan payments. But a lease is not a very good idea if you plan to drive 12k-15k miles per year.

Well, with all these been said let me remind you a small thing. You must also have car insurance taken to protect your car from theft or damage.

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