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Things You Should Know While Planning Your Studies Abroad


Higher education provides numerous benefits including a job of higher caliber in addition to exposure at a global level. In the past decade, the number of Indian students aiming for foreign universities has increased. The allure of the best institutes in the world is a valid reason to study abroad. However, you need a lot of preparation if you are going abroad for studies including the best travel insurance . So, what exactly should you know if you are planning to go abroad for studies? Let’s find out.

Few Things to Know

Here are a few crucial points that you should not ignore when you are planning to go abroad for studies:

Apply for a Student Visa

Visa application process can be tedious and exhausting, but it is mandatory for you to have a student visa if you are going to abroad for studies. So, ensure that you have the required documentation for the visa process.

After getting the passport, apply for a Student visa. The application may take a long time to process, so do not delay.

Visit a Doctor

Visit a doctor to ensure that you are in perfect health to travel. The doctor will also be able to diagnose any condition that you may have. It will help you in deciding which add-ons to select for your travel insurance.

Buy Travel Insurance

Get a travel insurance that suits your needs the best. There are many plans of travel insurance for student which are based on the needs of the students. They are also cheaper compared to other insurance plans.


Since you are going to an unfamiliar place, familiarize yourself with the foreign culture, landmarks, tradition, etc. Additionally, it will be a wise decision to know about the type of climate that you may experience there. It will further help you decide the type of add-ons that you may require.


Money management will be an important skill that you will need to learn. Going to study abroad would mean that you will need to save wisely. Furthermore, you will need to account for the exchange rate and your loan payments.

Packing Tips

Packing your luggage may not be very high on your list of priorities, but it is very important. If you are travelling then you need to ensure that your luggage does not exceed the weight limits. Furthermore, you need to include a loss of baggage add-on to your travel insurance, if it is not covered in your policy.

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