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Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Health Insurance For Your Parents


As technology advances, there are many advances taking place in the pharmaceuticals as well as the medical industry. This at the end increases the average life expectancies of a human being. But all the advances come at an increased expense in the medical treatment. With an increase in age, the chances of coming in contact with diseases increases to a considerable amount. There are certain reasons why we need to buy health insurance for parents ; they are as explained below:

Senior citizens might not be the active earning member of the family. Hence, they will be paying their medical bills from their pension or savings. They also may have to depend on their children. Upon that, medical inflation has made it difficult for senior citizens to recover from medical illness at a reasonable cost. Certain policies are specifically designed for senior citizens. Below mentioned are some points to consider while buying health insurance for parents.

Entry Age

All the health insurance policies have specific entry age criteria that must be fulfilled by the senior citizen before buying health insurance. This can vary from insurers to plans, so it is necessary to compare the policies before purchasing.

Age of Renewal

The maximum age at which your parents can renew the policy is known as the renewal age. Every insurer has some specified age for renewal, and this may vary from insurers to plans. Check this before you buy health insurance for parents.

Sum Insured

This might be the most important factor to check while buying senior citizen health insurance. The policy reimburses the expenses incurred in the medical treatment up to an extent at a pre-defined sum insured. So, check if the sum insured meets your requirements before buying the insurance.

Insurance Cost

There can always be a significant difference between the policy you buy for yourself and the insurance you buy for your parents. Those for the senior citizen will be costlier as they tend to be a risk for the insurer. So, check the cost of insurance wisely while buying senior citizen health insurance.

Network Hospital

When you are selecting health insurance for parents, choose a company with a wide variety of network hospitals. This will help you avail the cashless claim settlement from the policy. Check if the network hospital suits your location.

Coverage of the Policy

Some of the health insurance plans offer coverage of few illness. While buying health insurance for parents, you need to buy the plan that offers comprehensive coverage of illnesses and pre-existing diseases.

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