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Things To Do In Australia


Australia is a country / continent with an eclectic range of activities to promise all travel buffs and adventure seekers a fabulous vacation. This is one place that truly embodies the spirit of thrilling travel and is sure to satisfy your craving for unique experiences.

Here are our favourite things to do during a trip to Australia that might work well for you too!  

Take a Vineyard Tour in Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley on the outskirts of Melbourne is famous as Australia’s premier wine growing region. The acres and acres of sprawling vineyards here produce some of the best quality award-winning wines in the country. Many of them are internationally acclaimed too. A winery tour is a fun way to spend a day out of the city in the picturesque Yarra Valley region.

You can book a tour of any of the 160 odd wineries here with a specialist tour company who will take you on a guided tour of the vineyard, wine making process, how the wine is stored in casks in cellars. Visitors can look forward to the best part of the tour which is being treated to wine tastings with an expert! You will also learn correct wine etiquettes. In case you are a wine enthusiast or are looking for what to take back home as a souvenir or gift for your friends that is truly Australian, you should definitely check out the fabulous selection of sparkling wines, fruity wines, Chardonnay and many more specialty wines produced in Yarra Valley.  

Meet the Koalas at Noosa National Park

About 120 kms from Brisbane, Noosa National Park in Sunshine Coast, Queensland is a real gem among the many amazing national parks that Australia can proudly boast of. A favourite of the locals and relatively less discovered by the tourist crowd, Noosa National Park is famous for its miles of splendid walking tracks. You can follow the trails among thick canopies of eucalyptus trees or take the one that runs along the coast offering stunning views of the brilliant blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. The chance to spot one of Australia’s adorable national animals, the Koala is one of the visitor draws at Noosa National Park. You would be able to sight quite a few of the furry creatures up in the trees, munching on leaves, near the Park entrance and even close to the many walking paths in the Park.

Noosa National Park is dotted with many picture-perfect coves and bays. The Tea Tree Bay offers fabulous ocean vistas and is another great place to spot Koalas. Look for them perched on tree tops and at times low branches of the many gum trees fringing the beach.          

Go Scuba Diving in the World’s Largest Reef

If you love the waters and are keen on aquatic adventures, Australia has something very special for you indeed. The nearly 3000 kms long Great Barrier Reef in the Coral Sea off the eastern coast of Australia is the world’s largest reef system. This marine marvel is counted among the seven wonders of the natural world. To go scuba diving or snorkelling among the clusters of corals in myriad colours and see the ocean’s brilliant and diverse marine life up close is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you cannot afford to miss when you are in Australia. Swim past colourful fish and even a majestic sea turtle or a Manta Ray if you are lucky. While nothing can quite compare to the thrill of snorkelling or diving to explore the underwater world of the reef, you can opt for other ways to see the Great Barrier Reef such as a tour in a glass-bottomed boat.

Australia has innumerable such immersive experiences and there is simply no dearth of exciting things to do in this vast and varied land. You can look up our Australia Travel Guide to read up on more such places to see and experiences to live out. Find out details to help you plan your trip well like applying for an Australian Visa and Travel Insurance for Australia. Getting travel insurance for your trip can protect you in case of any emergencies such as loss of your passport, luggage or even if your trip gets cancelled.     

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