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Things To Consider Before Booking A Flight Ticket


Finally planned that get away with your special one to escape the monotony of daily life? Or are you keen to whisk your family on a holiday? Or have your friends and you finally decided to go on that trip which was due for long. In either case, you will have to book flight tickets. Here are some handy pointers to keep in mind before you book flight tickets:

Comparing costs

One can use a travel aggregator to compare costs offered by different airlines and websites to book the cheapest one. These portals also offer an option of signing up for alerts about discounts related to the routes on which you wish to fly. There are plenty of different offers to take advantage of – so do a little research and subscribe to alerts.

Transit time and the number of halts

You may get a fantastic deal on a flight that takes much longer – consider the loss of your working day as an expense and the cost of the meals etc., due to the transit time, before determining if the cost is a good deal or not. Very short transit time also creates chaos in catching the connecting flight. Keep the time factor in minds as you book flight tickets for yourself.

Time of the flight

Flights which are scheduled at an inconvenient time may be cheaper. However, one needs to keep in mind that one may end up reaching the destination very late in the evening or night. Since hotels would be charging you per night, you may feel that you ended up paying more than what was desired as you couldn’t reach the hotel earlier. Therefore one may have to weigh the pros and cons of booking flights at an inconvenient time.


Many destinations and cities have more than one airport and the distances between the two are generally considerable and involve travelling time as well as commuting cost. Take the time and check carefully the airport name of the flight tickets being offered before you book flight tickets otherwise you may end up regretting.

Travel Dates

If you are not travelling on a set day, try and check the offers for various different dates – there may be surprising differences on account of reasons that make no difference to you at all, such as a corporate event or a local holiday etc.

Travel Insurance

There’s something you should book as soon as you book flight tickets and that is your travel insurance.

The last thing you want while travelling is to fall sick, or lose your luggage or miss the connecting flight or anything like that. Besides keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for the best – one MUST take travel insurance. The travel insurance policies offer Medical and Dental Expenses and Personal Accident compensation in case of medical issues; Daily Cash allowance and compensation on loss of essentials; Trip cancellation and delay, Emergency accommodation, Hijack or Distress compensation, Home and Fire Insurance for anything happening to your house while you are travelling and even legal expenses caused by third-party liabilities.

So think no more – book your tickets and may you have the trip you always dreamed of.

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