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Things to check for Monsoon road trip


Road trips in the monsoon are the best – you get a break from the muddy sludge, the oppressive city smells and the muggy weather of the urban suburbs. Choose to escape to a remote destination where you can enjoy the monsoon in all its glory and wait out the wet weather; or break into a rain dance – whatever is your heart’s desire.

Whether you’re taking off on a road trip with your family to a hill-station in Rajasthan or travelling with your friends to a remote beach in Kerala – driving there means some safety measures have to be included in your travel checklist. When planning your monsoon road trip keep in mind the following tips:

Tips to keep your trip safe and carefree

  • Ensure your Insurance is active
    If you’re a proud car owner you’ll most likely have car insurance policy; but before setting off on the road trip from your dreams be sure your travel and accident insurance active too. Under 1988 Motor Vehicles Act, it is mandatory for all registered motor vehicles to have third-party insurance.

    Along with car insurance renewal, other insurance factors worth double-checking are:

    1. Add-on cover – When planning monsoon road-trips check with your insurer for add-on covers that may be beneficial to you such as, engine and electronic cover or a Zero depreciation shield. This may increase the car insurance quote, but it is worth it in the end.
    2. No Claim Bonus – The insurer rewards you for a claim-free year. Four to five consecutive claim-free years can get you up to 50 per cent discount on your premium.
      Even if you intend to change your insurer for the next policy period, your NCB(No Claim Bonus) benefits can be transferred. You just need a certificate from your current insurer. Once the expiry period crosses 90 days, you are no longer entitled to your NCB.
  • Your Wheels
    Even though you may have car insurance AND accident coverage; send your car to the workshop/service center before setting off on your vacation to ensure it is in optimum travel condition. Tell the mechanic to check for things such as faulty headlights, brake pads, tire grip, fuel and air gauge, fog lights, wipers, wheel-alignment, holes in the exhaust pipe or gaps in the door rubber trimmings etc.

    Monsoon rains reduce the friction on the road and increase the chances of skidding into an accident – the air-pressure and tire grip should get extra attention. Remember to invest in an extra car-battery and double-check your spare tire to make sure it is in good condition in case of an emergency.

  • Waterproof Wonders
    Keeping your bags dry is a top priority when travelling in the monsoon. Invest in good rain covers for your bag packs and suitcases – nothing is worse than a bag full of wet clothes except a wet phone! Make sure your phone cover/case is water-resistant if not entirely waterproof.

  • Carry your Spares
    Once on the road – there's no going back! Ensure you pack extra socks, raincoats, flashlights (in case of electrical failure). If you're travelling with an iPod or iPad – pack an extra power-bank.

  • Legalities
    Carry all necessary legal documents – originals and copies – of your driving license, car registration, insurance papers, and PUC certificate in your glove compartment.

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