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Things To Avoid While Travelling To Thailand


Thailand is a popular destination to travel for people worldwide as there’s so much to do and see. With endless beaches and parties, there’s something to do for everyone. Thailand is a must visit and should be on your travel list for sure. However, make sure that nothing disrupts you having the time of your life in Thailand; ensure that you follow these tips and have a peaceful vacay!

  • Don’t Touch The Monks

You’ll find many monks in Thailand as Buddhism is one of the most followed religions in the world. They are highly respected and considered holy among the people of Thailand. Make sure that you don’t touch them or treat them with disrespect. Also, make it a point to never stand at higher grounds than them. Monks aren’t allowed to touch women or hand them anything directly, even tourists are expected to follow this rule.

  • Don’t Disrespect the Royal Family

The Royal family in Thailand is highly regarded, you will find many pictures and statues commemorating them all over the country. When their King passed, the nation mourned for one entire year and are very sensitive about any mention of him. While visiting Thailand, make sure that you don’t disrespect the royals and stay away from discussing them with the Thai.

  • Dress Respectfully During Temple Visit

Thailand is full of temples that are open for tourists to visit. Tourists must ensure that they cover up your legs, shoulders, arms, and have an overall dressed respectfully. Even the streets are not barred from this rule, make sure that you are not dressed for the beach on the Thai streets. Even though Thailand is a tropical destination, you will find the people of Thailand covered up and dressed decently. So, if you’re planning to visit the beach, make sure you carry a cover-up.

With these tips of things to avoid in Thailand, you are bound to have a smooth sailing trip. However, you never know when things go south and take an ugly turn. For times like these, ensure that you get a Thailand insurance plan and don’t have to worry about a thing. Your travel insurance will ensure that you don’t have a thing to worry about during cancellations, natural calamity, medical emergency, legal expense, theft, and lots more. With such a plan, nothing can come between you and your vacay goals being achieved.

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