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Things To Avoid While Travelling To Hong Kong


Hong Kong is one of the most tourist-friendly, ultra-modern and top travel destinations in the world. As per reports, Hong Kong hosted an estimated 30 million international tourists in 2018, making it the most visited city in the world.

While Hongkongers are quite easy going, liberal-minded and welcoming of foreign visitors, there are some things they do frown upon.

You should get to know the social norms and etiquettes so you enjoy a wonderful vacation and bring home only pleasant memories of your trip. These are some of travel mistakes to avoid if you are planning a vacation to Hong Kong.


Delaying Is Disrespectful Of Other’s Time 

Queuing up is required at many places but once your turn comes decide quickly and move fast. Hong Kong is a fast-paced city where people are always in a hurry. They find it annoying if people hold up queues by taking their own sweet time. Sure you’re on holiday and want to move at a leisurely pace but please be considerate especially in crowded, busy places when there are others waiting behind you.   

On Escalators Do Not Stand On The Left  

The public standing and walking etiquette observed by Hongkongers is to keep to the right, so that the left side is free for others to pass. Whether you are using the metro escalator or walking down the promenade, you should always stay on the right side so that you don’t block the path of people wanting to pass you on your left.

No Smoking In Public

It is illegal to smoke in public places in Hong Kong. Do keep this rule in mind if you feel the urge to light up while riding the tram, strolling in a shopping mall, dining in restaurants, cafes or while ordering your drink at a bar. Even public parks and beaches are no-smoking zones in Hong Kong. The smoking ban applies both to indoor and outdoor public spaces.

Do Not Depend Only Taxis

Hong Kong is very well connected with an efficient, reliable and affordable system of public transport. Not only is it fast and convenient, you can also save a lot of money in an expensive city like Hong Kong. Plus if you buy the Octopus Travel Card which is pre-loaded, reusable and works on all public transport - metro, light rail, trams, buses and ferry, then you really don’t need to hail cabs to get around.    

Playing by the rules can save you a lot of hassle when visiting a foreign country. Something else that can also save you a lot of hassle on your holiday is Travel Insurance for Hong Kong. This is as important as getting your Hong Kong Visa. You can check out international travel insurance policies online and buy one that meets your requirements. An individual or family plan will usually give you the best cover for overseas travel.

When working out your trip details, get hold of a Hong Kong Travel Guide for more information and tips.

And while you’re in Hong Kong you definitely must not avoid savouring authentic dim sums at the many stall and street markets. Find out more about the food culture of Hong Kong here.

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