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Things To Avoid While Travelling To Germany


If you are travelling to Germany or planning to do so soon, then go beyond the essentials like Germany visa, hotel bookings, budgeting, etc., and take an extra step to learn little about Germany’s norm, etiquettes and culture.

To ensure you don’t ruffle any feathers, take a look at this list of do's and don’ts and make your trip to Germany a big hit.

  • Do Not Go All Cashless

When travelling to Germany, it’s always good to have some cash in hand. It’s not that the country works on nomadic ways, but it’s just that credit cards are not accepted everywhere, so keep some change handy for small expenses.

  • Do Not Jaywalk

Do not cross the streets when the traffic light goes red; this is one of the rules which the Germans follow religiously and expect you to follow it too.

  • Do Not Walk On The Bicycle Lane

Here's a fun fact, there are separate lanes in Germany for cars, pedestrians, and cycles.  So, walking on the cycle lane is strictly prohibited for obvious reasons. And, if you do, you might just get hit by a cyclist. Well, we are sure you wouldn’t want that!

  • Do Not Go Out Shopping On Sundays

For Germans, Sundays are for rest. So, most of the Germany is closed on that day, except for some restaurants, cafes and museums. Choose a different day for your shopping spree.

  • Do Not Litter

Please note Germany takes recycling very seriously. There are different colored dustbins for general waste, plastics, paper, and organic waste. So, follow the protocols and do the needful.

  • Don’t Eat With Your Hands

You would rarely find a German eating their meal without a fork and a spoon. Germans even prefer eating their pizza with a knife and fork. However, if you are eating hamburgers or hotdogs, it is okay to use your hands.

  • Do Not Drink Tap Water

Germans consider tap water unhygienic. You’ll always find a German with a bottle of Sparkling mineral water. If fizzy drink is not your first choice, you can always opt for non-fizzy variety. And it goes without saying that beer and wine are the crux of any dinner in Germany.

  • Do Not Be Late

Germans take pride in being punctual and they expect nothing less from their visitors. For them punctuality is not a luxury and it mustn’t be for you too. 

Hope following these little tips will make your trip less stressful and more fun. If you still aren’t sure what to do, watch what others are doing. You aren’t expected to be a know-it-all Sherlock Holmes. And yes, last but not the least don’t forget to buy travel insurance for Germany online, to get yourself covered in case of any mishap during your stay in Germany.

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