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Things To Avoid When Travelling To Singapore


Singapore is one of those places in Southeast Asia that welcome a huge number of visitors throughout the year. Blame it to the amazing weather of Singapore that this place is flourished with tourists all around the year.

However, with strict laws in place, Singapore is one of those places that require you to know a lot before you land. Your trip to Singapore will become a remarkable one if you follow these things mentioned below in our Singapore travel guide.

  • Unless You Have a Prescription, Don’t Chew Gum

You may not know this, but chewing gum in Singapore is illegal unless you have a prescription. The ban is actually against importing gum into the country or buying. So, if you dare to chew one and throw it on the road, you will be fined a whopping $500. Only if you have a valid prescription from a dentist or a doctor, you will be allowed to chew gum in Singapore. If not, trust on mint to quell that garlic breath.

  • Don’t Throw Trash Anywhere Apart From The Bin

If you have a habit of tossing the empty packet of chips anywhere, doing this in Singapore will land you in trouble. Not just in Singapore, this is a common practice that you should follow anywhere around the world. Spitting and littering are serious offenses and will attract a huge fine.

  • Do Not Smoke At Undesignated Areas

Singapore has a strict law for smoking. There are designated areas marked for smokers, and if anyone found breaking the law is fined heavily. The designated smoking areas are far from the public eye and outlined with yellow paint. So, whenever you have an urge to smoke, ask a local about the nearest designated area to smoke a few drags.

  • Don’t Jump The Queue

Singaporeans are extremely particular about queues. They offended if they find anyone jumping the queue. Whether you are waiting for training, claiming a freebie or waiting for your food, wait for your turn, and be patient.

This is not the end of the list. There are many other things like avoiding vandalism, being sensitive about Singapore’s multicultural society, and avoiding eating in public trains and buses that must be kept in kind. Though we have made sure that these avoidable things will make your trip a good one, there is one more thing that you need to know. For your trip to be stress- free, be sure you travel with a Singapore travel insurance plan. Travel Insurance covers you from any  emergency at the foreign land.

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